Weyerhaeuser: A Company Based Solely On Trees

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Weyerhaeuser is a company that is based solely on trees. Literally every aspect of the company is based around producing, cutting, studying benefits, or has something to do with trees. The local brand here is magnolia is focused exclusively on the process of seeds, planting of seeds, and relocation of saplings. They have orders placed with them and in turn place orders to get what seed they do not already grow and produce. They turn the seed they get or already have and start a baby tree and resale or plant those trees.
Frederick Weyerhaeuser and 15 partners in January of 1900 started the company. They started by purchasing 900,000 acres of land from Northern Pacific Railway in Washington. At the time that was the largest private purchase of land in the United States. The 15 partners, against Frederick’s suggestion, named the company Weyerhaeuser in his honor. The headquarters was set up in Tacoma Washington.
When Weyerhaeuser first started the company was just processing and harvesting timber. They had nothing more than land and a sawmill. They Cut the timber and let it reproduce and grow on its own. The company began growing rapidly. To keep up with demand the company purchased four World War 1 merchant ships to transfer lumber. This was the beginning of the Weyerhaeuser steamship business. In the mid 1920s Weyerhaeuser also started improving the quality of lumber. They began selling wood by grade and at precise lengths. They complete revolutionized how lumber was processed and sold.
The late 1930s was a turning point not only for Weyerhaeuser, but would soon be for every timber company out there. The company announced that they were going to begin growing trees. In 1937 Weyerhaeuser released there first add proclaiming that timber was a crop. In 1938 the company planted the first sapling in the ground. The sapling grew and the experiment was confirmed. In 1941 Lemons Tree Farm was created. It was the first registered tree farm in the nation. It was a total of 200,000 acres and located in the state of Washington. Weyerhaeuser didn’t just make advancements in the tree industry, they completely revamped it.
Mid 1940s logging trucks came into the picture and was slowly but surely becoming a lot more efficient than moving logs through trains. This along with the invention of chainsaws led to even more rapid expansion. Weyerhaeuser opened up many more mills to keep up with demand. Since Weyerhaeuser was domination the U.S. market they made the decision to expand even more. In early 1950s the company went international. They started in only Venezuela, but soon branched off from there and continued to expand to other countries. Weyerhaeuser started moving into Canada by getting licensing rights in the publicly owned forests. Not only did the company start to get control over the forest, in 1965 they built their first sawmill in Canada.
In 1961 Weyerhaeuser harvested their first tree crop from one...

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