Analysis Of Charles Murray's Are Too Many People Going To College?

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Are Too Many People Going to College?

The author Charles Murray says there are too many people going to college without really saying it. The essay is written in a way that his audience will understand by the time they finish reading that he has many valid points. He Persuades his readers with facts and counters arguments to false stereotypes involving college and success. By questioning whether college is for everyone makes "you" the reader want to rethink if your time spent in college was really worth it in the end.
The essay starts off with Murray saying of course more people be encouraged to go to college then countering with a yes and no to the question. He agrees that yes getting a education is important but majority of people are going for what they should have learned years before reaching the college level. The way people see college as a way to be success doesn't sit well with him as he gives many reasons to why this is false. The statement "college is seen as a open sesame to a good job and desirable way for adolescents to transition to adulthood." proves this point. He argues that yes getting a education is important but it's not always the best way. The hypothetical example involving a student choosing to go college for business or becoming a electrician. Then giving a example of why he would be probably be better off becoming the electrician rather than going to college to do something he may not be as successful as he could've been if he worked as a electrician helps prove his point. Murray continues to argue that the view about college is flawed that many are better off looking for better options rather than following the crowd and going to college.
The essay is written in a very critical style where the reader will feel like they have been wasting their time going to college. He seems very disappointed with how the college system is set up to give students hope that they will be successful if they go to college. There is this caring feeling in the way he writes as if he was the parent of the student, he truly is writing it in the best interest of future students considering continuing their education for the wrong reasons. This tough love kind of style shows with the example used involving the hypothetical student deciding to go to college or becoming the electrician....

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