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Community Health C229
One of the more serious problems that the Southeast Queens Community is facing is obesity. Obesity has led to many other health concerns in this community such as Type 2 diabetes , heart disease, stroke, and even certain cancers. This presentation looks into who is at risk, and why? And what can be done to help this community.

B1. Description of Community
The Southeast section of Queens, NY is 1.802 square miles with a population of 34,929 people. (U.S Census Queens County Quick Facts, 2010, para. 2) The population density is 19,388 people per square mile. The community is a very diverse community and home to many foreign born natives mainly from the Caribbean. The neighborhoods are made up of lower to middle class people. The homes are mostly consist of single one and two family detached dwellings and semi attached homes. 75% of the homes observed were well maintained, 25% were in need of repair. The average age of the homes were approximately 50- 60 years old.

There are many indicators of ethnicity in the community for example the West Indian restaurants, (Bodegas) which are usually Spanish or Arabic owned corner stores that are mini supermarket. Dominican beauty parlors, Churches on almost every other block, many liquor stores, laundry mats, and dollar stores.

B2. Discussion of Health Concern
The health concern I discussed during my field project was obesity. The Southeast section of Queens has a 23.9 percent adult obesity rate with a body mass index of 30 or greater. As per a survey conducted by the city of NY Department of Health.("Times Ledger," 2013, p. 1). The community of Southeast Queens, NY is hit hard by obesity. This has led to several other health disparities such as Diabetes, Heart disease, stroke, even Cancer. However many community efforts are being made by several organizations to inform the public on how to live a healthier lifestyle. By promoting and implementing programs for the public on healthy nutritious foods and exercise, as well teaching health education in school to help kids make healthier food choices.

B2a. Background Information
As per Healthy People 2020 most Americans do not consume healthy diets and are not physically active at levels needed to maintain proper health. As a result of these behaviors the nation has experienced a dramatic increase in obesity in the U.S with 1 in 3 adults (34.0%) and 1 and 6 children and adolescents (16.2%) are obese. In addition to grave health consequences of being overweight and obese. It significantly raises medical cost and causes a great burden on the U.S medical care delivery system ("Healthy People 2020," 2014, p. 1).

B2b. Data Related to the Health Concern
In 2013-2014 37.7% of adults 20 years of age and older in the U.S were obese. Among racial ethnic groups white Non -Hispanics had the lowest rate of obesity at 36.4%. Black and Hispanics populations had rates of 48.4%...

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