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Professional Nursing Practice

The idea of being a nurse and practicing as a nurse are two completely different objectives. The idea that the role of a nurse is a multifaceted job is by no means an understatement. Healthcare as a whole is governed and has carefully placed rules and regulations to keep workers and patients safe. To be in the medical/healthcare field, one in consistently using social, psychological, emotional and physical skills on a daily basis. The profound use of all of these skills that have been mandated and placed are some of the most important aspects of healthcare.
Nursing is an ever-learning and growing career, in which you can constantly learn new things and practices. Patricia Benner explains this very well in her novice to expert theory model. Benner explains that there are levels of knowledge within nursing, and that each phase between novice and expert move fluidly and experience/practice help to move through each phase. This theory shows that each level of nursing, from novice to expert, uses education and experience to develop as a nurse. Benner explains that without knowledge and experience together, one cannot move through each level of experience. Within my own nursing practice, I rely on continuing education and experience of my peers to help me learn new things each and every day. Patients come in with new complaints each day to the emergency department, and nurses are expected to know how to care for each patient. Relying on knowledge of more experienced nurses helps the younger nurses to learn and grow, and hopefully, be able to understand how to help treat that same patient in the future. Nurses are always learning, always growing, and always teaching, and with that we use each and every tool that we have to become better nurses. Benner explains perfectly that novice nurses have limited knowledge and function, as they cannot function on their own, but through each phase, the novice becomes advanced in their stage as a beginner, moving on to competent, then proficient and finally expert. (Carlson et al, 1989)
Within the healthcare field, there is always room for growth personally and professionally. Two historical nursing figures stand out as wonderful theorists that many nurses have used to apply their own growth and development towards. Patricia Benner and Jean Watson. Jean Watson uses a humanistic-altruistic approach in relation to nursing. (Watson, 2012) Watson uses the idea that in order for one to grow professionally, an order of needs must be met. These needs are encompassed into an order, biophysical, psychophysical, and psychosocial. The idea of this is that unless all of the needs are met, one cannot provide true mental and emotional support. The idea that there is a hierarchy of needs is really important with personal growth, as being able to sustain a positive wellbeing makes for a better employee and a better caregiver. Jean Watson’s theory uses what is known as the ten primary carative...

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