The Greatest Cause Of War Essay

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The Greatest Cause of War
In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own (google images). Wars. They have always leaded to destruction of our society. They have never led to anything good. But the main question has always been what was the root cause of all the major wars that have happened so far such as WWI then WWII which eventually lead to Cold War and many more wars. If we look at these wars more deeply and actually think about the root of the wars, it is quite obvious that alliances gave birth to all these wars.
During WWI there were two major alliances, that was the Triple Alliance between Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary and the Triple Entente which was between Britain, France and Russia. The alliance between Germany and Austria occurred natural because Germany and Austria both spoke the same language, which was German, and they had similar culture and they both were part of the same empire -The Holy Roman Empire- in past centuries. Austria was in political trouble so it decided to join in the alliance as well, they all promised to help each other of they were attacked by another county. (
The Triple Entente was not as organized and structured as the Triple Alliance. They did not promise to help each if the other two got attacked by other countries but the understanding was that each member would support the others in time of difficulty.
To make a very lengthy and manifold explanation short, right before WWI, With the Industrial Revolution was in progress, the Europeans had adapted to the mechanical approach to warfare. (casimir)
When a country would go to war certain steps were taken before doing that would eventually cause another country, either a friendly neighbor, regional ally, or an enemy to begin their steps for going to war, which in return would cause another country to begin their steps for going to war, and this would be an ongoing effect and would continue until the war actually began. (casimir)
That's what happened when Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914. His assassination in Sarajevo triggered Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia. This caused countries allied with Austria-Hungary (the Triple Alliance) and countries allied with Serbia (the Triple Entente Powers) to declare war on each other, starting World War I. If we look back at the war and the aftermath these two wars the root of the war was alliances. If these two alliances didn’t exist there would have just been a war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. The impact of Archduke Ferdinand’s death wouldn’t have been so huge.
All the nations found themselves dragged into the war by pre-existing alliances, and knowledge of these alliances played a key role in the decisions taken by major players in the war. Germany's alliance with Austria-Hungary was responsible for bringing it into the war, and for...

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