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Whaere The Mind Is Without Fear

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Rabindranath Tagore was a great Indian poet who wrote on several niches. He was great in using words properly. He gave each line in his poem an immense meaning by incorporating proper words into it. "Where the Mind is Without Fear" is one example of his work.This poem explains the dream of poet for his nation. In this poem poet wishes for his nation. He wrote all his ideas for nation. He explained how his nation should be through this poem.Poet articulates his love and thoughts his nation in this poem. He requests God to make his nation ideal. He has lots of desires for his nation in his head. He wishes that the people must not have any type of terror.The people must live their life by way of self-respect. He requests that everyone should obtain a free knowledge and the people should live mutually with union. The mind of all people should be honest, truthful and they must continuously struggle for excellence. The people must not turn out to be slave of bad habits that can affect their life as well as nation's life. The people must have clearness of feelings. He also states that this world should not break up into pieces by thin conjugal walls. By this way poet urges for liberty for his nation. By this way poet also illustrates his imaginings of idyllic India.Every person feels for their nation. In the same manner poet also feels for his nation. Poet not only prays for his own country but also for the whole world. He says that this world is broken into number of pieces depending on caste, clothes, languages and skin colors.According to poet this can cause to great dispute among different countries and in other ways it will affect mother earth. Thus writer cleverly says that this world should not have any walls created between two countries. This world should not be split into fragments.Mentality of people into nation has a great impact on nation's health. Thus poet says that people's mind should work fearlessly. People should get freedom to speak on or write on anything.If people in nation have bad habits then for sure it will affect directly to nation. Bad habits resist mind to work in a good manner and if this mind is spoiled with bad habits then no man can work better. Thus, this will affect nation's progress in various fields like technology or other. Therefore poet prays God to give people to his country who are without any bad habit.India is very big country and consists of many languages. This country is famous for its diversity. Therefore what poet is excepting from people is to live in unity without any fights among them. If they fight with each other then progress and development of country will get affected. This is the main reason why poet requests to live in unity. This can raise calmness in country and will help to achieve progress in different fields.Where the Mind is Without Fear was included in the volume called 'Naibedya', the original poem bears the title 'Prarthana' meaning prayer. The poem is a prayer to God. The poem was...

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