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Whaling: The Hunting Of Fin Whales In Antarctic Ocean

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The biggest animal known to mankind is a whale has been in hunted since the 800 B.C. Today in the world that we live in there are many problems one of them is hunting whales. One of Whaling is the hunting of all different types of whales for oils and meats. Around 1,000 whales are killed each year and there are many reasons why whalers should not be able to kill these innocent animals. (Berzin)
Japanese are the most common people to kill so many of the whales around 1,500 are killed. Japan eating the meat of a whale is a tradition in their culture.
The main reasons whalers say they hunt is for research. The common goods made from whale are foods and oils. The meat from the whales has been found to be harmful to humans. Whaling didn’t stop then it was an ongoing thing in the 9th century it starts in Norway France and Spain. There was new things that were made like the hand harpooning that started in japan. This started up many organized groups in Taiji, japan. Whaling in 1675 starts to use nets the places that starts to use them are Taiji, shikoka and Kyushu this made whaling a rapid expansion. In the United States sperm whaling starts in 1712. Then there was some modern whaling developed in Norway then the hand harpoon guns where completed. This research paper is about whaling and what tools they use to catch whales, where did whaling start and how much money that you can make off of a whale what kind of ship do they need.
There are many of tools that whalers use to catch whales. One of the many tools that was used for hunting was the harpoon. There are two kinds harpoons the ones that can be fired from a gun or thrown by hand. There was never any reason of trying to kill the whale with these weapons. They were always made of good quality iron made to bend and twist as the whale tried to escape. Steel could break and the whale would escape. (Reeves)
A harpoon where was thrown would be mounted on a 2 meter long wooden shaft and this made it a very good weapon to use. Every hand harpoon had a long rope. The lance was use to stab the whale until it was dead.
Like the harpoons they were made of iron so that they were easy sharpened and would twist than break. Two or more would be carried in each boat for hunting. Whaling guns were first invented in the 1730s. Whaling guns had a Society of Arts for a successful way of killing whales. The Flintlocks were used at this time in 1730s. These were not very good to use when wet and it was very hard to avoid water in a pitching open boat. It was a muzzle-loading weapon fired by a lanyard. Some of these guns had double hammers to lessen the chance of a misfire. (foster)
Where did whaling started with early people of in Korea were they was hunting whales from 5000 B.C. and there was Norway began whaling at about 4,000 years ago. Many people of the North American coast and the Arctic have a long tradition of whaling. Whaling was done from canoes or skin boats. When migrating pods of whales...

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