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Whar Are The Causes Of School Violence

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The recent rise in school violence are incidents that should not go unnoticed. Recently there have been persistent school shootings and school violence does not only account for school shootings alone. After the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, there has been a constant rise in such incidents. Parents and teachers these days are more troubled by all the news and reports of school violence that they expect to hear about almost every day. The question now arises that why is there a constant rise in school violence and is there anything we can do to prevent such horrific incidents like the recent stabbing in the Murrysville, Pensylvennia, Franklin Regional High school? The route to any ...view middle of the document...

The book School violence has an article “Hypotheses and models of school violence” written by Tom O’ Connor, professor at North Carolina Wesleyan College. He explains how family and family background may be the problem. Thirteen and fourteen-year old children give the same reasons for their violent behavior like shootings.They admit they are angry and they kill because they were being badly treated by others. There is a decline in the connection children have with their parents. Young people want to talk about their problems and they must let their feelings out. However,they feel they can not talk to their friends and family about the issues that are bothering them. Therefore, young people who cannot communicate with their peers and family feel disconnected. Sixty percent of school shooters (at the time of the shooting) are taking some kind of prescribed medical drug for some kind of disorders like insomnia, sleep disorder or attention deficit disorder (Connor 76-78). Therefore, parents should try to communicate with their children and they should discuss issues like bullying and school violence. It is a duty of every parent to ensure that their child is familiar with issues like bullying and school violence before he/she is sent out in that environment where such incidents occur.
School violence is a troubling concern for everyone, it has increased significantly in these last years.Parents and students would have hoped that the rise of school violence will be controlled in the New Year 2014 however, they welcomed the New Year with several reports of incidents of school violence. As the article in The Wire points out that:
January 2014 is threatening to become the month when gun violence became a matter of routine in America's schools. Since the start of the month, there have been at least 11 active...

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