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What A Black Hole Really Is

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Just a hundred years ago in 1915, was the time Einstein created his theories of general relativity, thus the makings of what is known today. These theories helped predict that black holes, actually occupy the universe vastly (Black Holes). Because black holes are virtually invisible to the human eye, since not even light can escape their clutches, it is hard to understand something that can’t be seen or even assume it exists. The concept of black holes can be traced back to 1795, to Pierre Simon Laplace, who originally proposed the idea. Though, it was Karl Schwarzschild to be the first to start proving black holes exist from the research of Einstein and others (Freudenrich). It is easy to say that black holes have become a major focus of astronomers and astrophysicists globally.
The common misconception of black holes is that they are ‘a hole’ in the fabric of space, but the fact is, they are a dense orb of matter that continuously grows and consumes. Popular belief is that a black hole is a gateway through time and space, but that is not the case. All someone would find at the center of a black hole would be a dense orb a matter called the singularity, or core (Freudenrich). Black holes do in a way distort time and space because of their immense mass yet one would die and be burnt to a crisp before even coming close to reaching the highly dense core. Only the space around a black hole is that which is distorted. So if watched from the earth, it would take an infinite amount of time to see someone be consumed by and become a part of a black hole, but for the consumed, just a few minutes (Cain).
A black hole actually has its own defined parts and properties. Not just big and small, no, far more advanced and deceiving. The event horizon for example can be compared to or called ‘the mouth’. This is the point of no return. Once passed the event horizon there is zero chance of escape, not even for light (Freudenrich). Other such properties as no observable difference between the gravity field of that of a black hole and any other spherical object with the same mass (Black Holes). That basically says that if the sun was switched with a black hole, the earth would simply stay in its orbit. Another feature called the ergosphere which is the region of distorted space around the event horizon and its job is to drag the space around it. The thing about the ergosphere is that theoretically if an object passes through it, that object can be ejected by gaining energy from the hole’s rotation and can escape with even more energy or momentum than before. Remember, the ergosphere is not the actual hole but the distorted space around it (Freudenrich).
The only physical properties within a black hole is mass, charge and angular momentum. From these three properties, a type or a status was given; charged black holes, rotating black holes, or stationary black holes (Black Holes). Though these are just types, actual names were given to them...

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