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What A Food Pantry Can Do To Help Their Community

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What does the food pantry do to help their community? The local food pantry helps people who are having a financial crisis. They may have lost their job, or had a medical emergency, or their car may have broken down. The food pantry helps the people who are needy or who are poor and need some help getting food. People that go hungry for a long period of time will change as a person completely. More than seventy percent of people go hungry in the world. Going hungry for a certain period of time damages your mental health and physical health. When it dames your mental health it causes you to have negative thoughts about things. Going hungry also changes your physical health, it causes you to lose weight and it will mess up your respiratory system.
Where does the food pantry get its food? They have four sources of where they get their food. The four sources are food drives, food rescues, food banks, and they purchase some of their own food. The food drive consists of individual donations, which are usually canned goods. The food rescue consists of charities building relationships with local businesses around their area. The businesses or restaurants that they build relationships with will help donate their edible
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leftovers that they can salvage. Food banks are almost the same thing as food rescue, they also work with their local businesses. Except the food rescues will donate five to ten times more food. Some charities will also purchase their food for their local food pantry. They will hold a donation to help raise money to purchase food for their pantry.
How do food pantries handle their food? The food pantry has to make sure the food is kept in a locked room and the food only goes to screened individuals. They have to make sure there are no broken windows, cracks in walls, ceilings, or floor to prevent contamination. The food pantries storage room should have no flaking paint or anything that could be harmful in any way. The storage room shouldn’t have any smells of mildew or anything rotten. None of their food kept in their storage room should be kept on the floor, whether they are wrapped or not. The food pantries need to make sure there is no evidence of past contamination. They have to make sure they keep the place clean and organized. The food pantry can’t keep chemicals or cleaning supplies in their storage room. They are to keep no clothing of any sort or any personal lunches stored in the storage room.
Some requirements that the food pantry has is that they are to keep thermometers in each and every refrigerator and freezer. Their food storage room should be kept at a certain temperature. A food pantry also has to worry about spoilage with their food. Some products will have a sell by date and that means that the date posted is the last day the item can be sold. This also means that the item needs to be pulled off the shelves. Some Products will have a best if used by date. This is the date that the item will no longer...

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