What A Foolish Thing To Do (An Explanation Of Possible Solutions To George Orwell’s Problems)

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In George Orwell’s essay, “Shooting an Elephant,” Orwell faces a very serious conundrum. An elephant has gotten loose, and has killed an Indian man. Orwell has an elephant rifle, and people start to eagerly follow him as he makes his way into a field where the elephant is peacefully grazing. The elephant seems not to be disturbing anyone at the moment, so Orwell is hesitant to shoot it. George Orwell realizes that everyone is watching him, and becomes vert self-conscious. “I was hated by large numbers of people.” All of the natives obviously want him to shoot the elephant. He killed a man. His meat would feed many people for weeks. He knows that it would be wrong to kill the elephant. The owner of the elephant would lose his most valuable possession. Elephants were used for all kinds of labor, especially agriculture. Killing a Burmese guy’s elephant would be like setting a farmer’s tractor on fire. Even though he really doesn’t want to kill the elephant, he lets the peer pressure get to him, and he shoots it. He fires five slugs from the elephant rifle and unloads his own smaller rifle into the elephant’s heart and throat. The elephant takes more than a half of an hour to die, and it’s very painful. The peer pressure was too strong for him. George Orwell could have avoided shooting the elephant by using a few different techniques.
First, If I was in George Orwell’s position, I would just walk away. I’m quite accustomed to being laughed at. It’s not really that hard to just leave. Orwell could have simply walked back to the town and forgotten about the whole ordeal. People would have laughed at him, but that’s okay. The warm, fuzzy feeling from within would have overpowered that harsh, cold feelings coming from those around him. “Alive, the elephant would be worth at least a hundred pounds.” If he had simply walked away, the elephant would have possibly lived to do much more work for its owner, Orwell would never have felt the guilt of shooting it, “Shooting an Elephant” would have never been written, and this here essay would be replaced by one of some other topic.
Likewise, Orwell could have saved a very valuable elephant, his own conscience, and quite a commotion, if he had explained to the natives why he didn’t want to kill the elephant. He...

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