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“Eleanor, Hurry Up” I hear Mrs. Horans ear-piercing voice call. I groan to myself and make my way to the next dull painting. I extremely hate the ideal spending my entire day in a museum and listening to Mrs. Horan. “Get me out of here” I whisper quietly enough so only I can hear it. There appears to be so many artworks hanging on the spacious walls of the art museum. I could feel the smell of the zesty citrus, rose and woody note of my perfume hit my nostrils, as stared at another uninteresting painting that was surrounded by a bullet proof glass, my reflection was visible you could see my dirty blond hair was put in to a messy bun, my Smokey black eye make-up made my green orb eyes pop, my ...view middle of the document...

I wish I could stay in this moment forever but of course I couldn’t. I had to go find Mrs. Horan and the rest of my class. I took a slowly step back from the painting that’s when reality hit me. My dirty hands had caused a chocolate coloured stain that covered half of the painting. The feeling of anxiety and terror washed over me. My first reaction was to remove the dirt. I did try by dragging a soft cushioned white tissue across the painting and it seemed to blend the paint together which made nothing better but only create more mess. I stood there frozen with a horrified expression on my face and now half of the breathtaking painting had been transformed into an ugly mess by my very own hands. A powerful siren noise felled my ears. It felt like my eardrums could burst at any moment along with that I could also hear my heart pounding against my chest. The awful noise made the walls vibrate which resulted in the painting falling to the ground. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. The shiny brown frame fell off first followed by the painting. I tried to catch it very unexpectedly. My hands went through the...

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