What A Mother Should Be Like.

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Being a good mother is extremely difficult. She must be a person who knows how to do the household chores, such as cleaning the house, cooking, and washing dishes, and she must take a good care of her children. It is impossible to watch the children all the time, as they sometimes will need some free time to do whatever they want to do. Therefore, she must give her children some free time to entertain themselves so they won't do the bad things. However, the children would do the bad things if their parents are very strict on them. Thus, a good mother is hard to be. She must be a person who is responsible for all household chores and takes a good care of her children.Although the household chores, such as cleaning the house, cooking, and washing dishes are very easy to do, it is boring to do them everyday for many years. A good mother should sacrifice herself to do those things for her children for many years. What a boring job she has! If she doesn't cook anything for her children, the children would not have anything to eat. When they don't have anything to eat, they cannot study. Moreover, when they cannot study, they would become the bad members in this society because they have a bad mother. Thus, a good mother should understand her children, know what they want to eat, and cook food for them. For example, although Tuan is grown-up, he doesn't know how to do anything except his studying. He is an excellent student because he has a good mother who does the household chores for him. Therefore, he has a lot of time to focus on his study, and hence he has become an excellent student.Taking a good care of the children is...

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