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What A Professor Learned By Becoming A Student

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My Freshman Year- What A Professor Learned By Becoming A Student by Rebekah Nathan is about a college professor who investigates college students’ lifestyle in their freshman year. There has been many times when college professors have assigned a great deal of work and expected it to be due in a short period of time. To the professors, they may think a week is enough time. However, to students like myself it looks to be only two or three days. As college students, especially in our freshman year, we have a lot of pressure. We have about three to four classes, school activities, and of course, our own personal lives. Sometimes college professors may fail to remember that this is a point in student’s lives where they have a great deal of responsibility but little time to cope with the new circumstances. There is peer pressure, lack of concentration, and so much going on all at one time. Many times professors wonder why students cheat, be rude, less motivated, careless of their work. A college professor Cathy Small goes by the pseudonym name Rebekah Nathan in attempt to see what it is really like to be in a college student’s place.
Rebekah Nathan is a cultural anthropologist in her mid-fifties. In order to do her studies on college students, Rebekah returns to her old college, AnyU to register as a college student. She states that she would only tell people more information unless they asked her what things she plans to do at the university. Her response would be to teach and do research. Before she returned as a “college student,” she went through mock questions with her friends so that she would be prepared to answer questions from people that would try to meet her. Although her answers were not entirely true, they did build off her true identity (Nathan, 7). When meeting people, Rebekah introduced herself as a researcher doing a project on undergraduate life and planning to publish the results, with their consent.
She explains incidents where students mistake her as a mom on campus, or a parent at orientation. When she first attended the school there was a blonde-headed lady saying, “parents go over there.” Rebekah told the lady that she was not a parent but, a student. When she noticed that the other parents had on collared shirts, athletic socks with sneakers and denim short, she realized why the lady would have mistaken her for a parent. At that point Rebekah understands that she wasn’t as savvy as she needed to be in order to fit in (Nathan, 8). Rebekah is used to being a professor and parking in the faculty lots, and entering halls from the back where a professor would. She is challenged right away through the undergraduate student perspective (Nathan, 11). Adapting to this environment was going to be more of a challenge than she thought. Since the school had changed so much since Rebekah went to school there, I believe that Rebekah became aware of the...

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