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What About Doug? Essay

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Classrooms today are presented with students that have needs arising from cultural or religious beliefs, gender barriers, sexual orientation, age differences, socioeconomic status, giftedness, disability or difficulties (Ashman & Elkins, 2012). It is important as teachers that we are aware of what is involved to ensure that we are creating inclusive classrooms where all students are made to feel as though they belong.
Doug is a student with an acquired brain injury which refers to a type of brain damage occurring after birth.“We use our brains to relate to others and to communicate our needs; and when that connection is disrupted by a brain injury, life can suddenly feel chaotic and ...view middle of the document...

Teachers could then use this knowledge to educate their students to help make sure that Doug feels welcomed in the classroom by everyone.
When teachers are asking "who can I go to about this?" they may be looking for some guidance on how to plan for a student with a condition like Doug's. "Teachers need both in-house and external professional development to enhance their capabilities" (Department of Education Training and Employment, 2014). These teachers can participate in a professional development program on universal design for learning to assist in the planning stage of their teaching to prevent the outbursts occurring at all. Universal design for learning has been shown as an effective way for teachers to plan so that the needs of all students are accommodated in each lesson or task (Ashman & Elkins, 2012).
Some teachers may argue that students like Doug should be placed in a school that is specifically engineered to cater for people with a disability like ABI to ensure that they don't feel physically threatened. We should be adopting inclusive practices in our schools and classrooms to ensure that students like Doug feel welcomed and catered for. "An inclusive school is one that welcomes all students who live in its neighbourhood, and can provide high-quality learning and teaching experiences for every student"(Ashman & Elkins, 2012). If we are adopting these strategies in our classroom then the outbursts that lead to a student with ABI to cause physical harm would be prevented. If these situations still occur beyond the planning that has been implemented then we must be responsive to the learners in our classroom. We need to diagnose and continually monitor our students learning to identify needs and abilities of each student (Groundwater-Smith et al., 2007, p.70).
Some teachers question what their rights are when it comes to having to deal with a student like Doug that hasn't been easy for them or they may be concerned with the amount of time they are taking away from other students. To ensure that students like Doug are welcomed and catered for it is fundamental to adopt an inclusive approach in our teaching practices. Inclusivity in our schools and classrooms is not only a way to provide support for Doug but enables a diverse experience to learn for all...

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