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What Academic Programs Are Available For Youth In Poverty

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Children in poverty have a lower academic success rate compared to children that aren’t. This is due to stress built up over time impairing a child's performance, resulting in that child doing poorly in academics. If not helped a child can develop cognitive lags and even depression, however there is a solution. Programs do exist to help children in academics so that they can reach their highest potential, whether they are free after school programs or low- cost volunteer based programs.
When in poverty children are more likely to lack the academic skills needed to succeed. According to Eric Jensen in the article,”How Poverty Affects Behavior and Academic Performance”, children are increasingly likely to fail in academics. Jensen says that of all the stressors chronic stress is the most effective because it is due to long term stress. This chronic stress affects students behavior and performance in class by diminishing “social skills and social judgement” (Jensen). Other symptoms of chronic stress are: increased chance or depression, slowing the growth of new brain cells, weakening of attention and concentration. Low- income students also have greater incidences of illnesses during class, absences from school and higher rates of tardiness. As a result, test scores are lower and that leads to less funding for schools to provide assistance for the struggling children. The theory Jensen discusses is that children from poor households have less nourishment from their parent(s): a parents level of education is minimal which doesn't help the child at all.
The ASSETS Program is a great way for children that can’t afford extra help to get it. The programs offers academic assistance after school, as well as enrichment and physical fitness activities. The program has a main purpose: “ to establish or expand before-and after-school programs that provide disadvantaged kindergarten through twelfth-grade students with academic enrichment opportunities and supportive services to help the students meet state and local standards in core content areas” (ASSETS Webpage). The ASSETS program also provides snack free or charge to members, so for children that need the extra nutritional boost. Members can apply anything via a hardcopy paper document or online via the Golden Valley webpage (students who wish to join from Golden Valley).
The Boys and Girls Club is another great program that assists in academic performance while incorporating fun activities periodically. The club offers art, fitness/recreation, character/leadership skills and of course education programs as well. Due to the fact the that the program is from 3 to 7:30 or so, snack is given 1 or twice a day. At the club at least one hour is dedicated to education, the power hour program assists students in...

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