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What Events Show Odysseus As An Epic Hero And What Traits Of An Epic Hero Do They Detail?

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An Epic Man Who Became an Epic HeroOdysseus, of Homer's Odyssey, is an appropriate hero and ruler of Ithaca. He does not act irrationally but contemplates his actions and their implications. Odysseus is an appropriate hero because he embodies the values of bravery, intelligence, astuteness, and competency. Odysseus is an appropriate ruler for Ithaca by virtue of his hereditary right to kingship as well as his diplomatic skills, familiarity with his male subjects, discipline, and his impartiality and compassion. However, he is a character that does make a foolish decision. There is a rare instance when his pride supersedes his intellectual ability.Odysseus is an appropriate hero for he embodies the values of bravery, intelligence, astuteness, and competency. While he trying to return home from Ilium, numerous suitors attempt to seduce his wife, Penelope. However, when he returns Odysseus cleverly plans and carries out the demise of the evil and wasteful suitors with the help of Athena, goddess of wisdom: "Come on [Athena] weave me a plan to punish them [the suitors]." Odysseus' wisdom is admired by Athena, the goddess of that aptness. Athena is also impressed by his battle heroics and so she endeavors to provide him with succor: "And you didn't know Pallas Athenaia the daughter of Zeus himself, your faithful stand-by and guardian in all your labours!" With Athena's assistance Odysseus becomes a true hero.Odysseus is the epitome of honor and virtue for his Ithacan subjects. Odysseus' kind and stalwart leadership is revealed by Eumaios, his faithful swineherd, and Philoitios, his loyal cowherd, who have both remained loyal to him for twenty years. Eumaios praises Odysseus as "A rare fine master." "Indeed I do not mourn so much for them as for him [Odysseus], though I long to see 'em again and my native land, but I do miss Odysseus since he went away. I don't like to speak his name, man, although he is absent, but I call him 'his honour,' even when he is far away." Odysseus is a befitting king because it is his ancestral right, for he is familiar with...

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806 words - 4 pages with a lot of challenges that make his struggle but he always finds away to get out of it. Odysseus has many traits as an Epic Hero. Three traits are being tested as a hero, quick thinking and confident. Odysseus has many ways he was being tested, he was tested when Penelope approached testing him to string the bow. Here is [Penelope] lord Odysseus’ hunting bow. Bend it and string it if you can (Homer 881). This quotes explain him being tested

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1385 words - 6 pages , but also one of his journey from a sometimes foolish and almost immature warrior to an epic hero. In book IX, Odysseus begins his tale of his trip from Troy to Phaiakia. What of those years of rough adventure weathered under Zeus? The wind that carried west from Ilion brought me to Ismaros, on the far shore, a strongpoint on the coast of the Kikones. I stormed the place and killed the men who fought. Plunder we took, and we enslaved

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782 words - 3 pages One man stands tall above the rest, the only man on the battlefield without a hint of fear in his eyes. Along with fearlessness, his determination and guile is simple to sense. These are just a few of the characteristics of an epic hero. One such hero is Odysseus, the central character of the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer. Odysseus is an epic hero who embodies many admirable traits but, not only, does he have all the characteristics of an epic

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986 words - 4 pages your lord away" (294-296). Even with the enormous amount of confidence Beowulf possesses, he understands that fate will work its magic no matter what and he could be killed at any point in his life. He faces that reality by showing no fear and preparing for a positive or a fatal outcome.Beowulf is the prime example of an epic hero, and he embodies the conduct that the Anglo-Saxons of that time admired and also used as a model of perfection. His

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598 words - 2 pages Beowulf was an epic story written over 1000 years ago. Stories have to be in a certain form in order to be considered an epic. First of all epics started out just being stories passed from generation to generation to pass the time. However, as years went by they were used to show morals, teach lessons, and still to entertain the audience in even more ways. Beowulf is a perfect example of an epic. In the earlier years it was told just to tell

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1157 words - 5 pages an Ancient Greek epic hero. These four traits show that the Ancient Greeks valued people who are strong in mind and body, endure more than men can, give help to those in need, and are able to prove their worth . One of the four epic hero traits that Odysseus has, is that he has a plethora of exemplary attributes. For instance, Odysseus is able to “bored [bore] that [the] great eye socket” with an olive branch that he found in the cave, showing

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1278 words - 6 pages Do you think you have what it takes to be an epic hero? Well, Odysseus does. The Odyssey, written by Homer, is about the long journey Odysseus takes to get back home to Ithaca. In his ten year journey after the Trojan War, which took place in 1200 B.C., Odysseus didn’t choose to go to the war, he was forced to. He faked being insane just to not go. To test that he was actually insane they took his son and put him in the middle of the road. They

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786 words - 4 pages , leaving the ship to be sucked in by the whirlpool. This would be worthless, so Odysseus did what he had to do as leader. Even though this was deceitful, he only lost six men compared to everyone. This event show many of his heroic qualities, such as bravery, intelligence, and leadership.All of these events obviously show what made Odysseus an epic hero. Some of the characteristics that make up an epic hero are great fighting skills

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735 words - 3 pages from his men because of his physical strength. The gods and goddesses provide Odysseus with superhuman features including endurance and strength, which is essential for Odysseus to be an epic hero. After Odysseus returned to Ithaca, he experienced frustration on a whole new level that he would have to learn to control. When Odysseus sees old Argos, “infected with ticks, half-dead from neglect,” he hides his tear because Eumaeus might see the

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1034 words - 4 pages Odysseus as Epic Hero of Homer's Odyssey        Homer's epic poem The Odyssey is about Odysseus' ten-year journey home from the Trojan War and what Odysseus has to do when he returns.  The journey itself is quite a story.  Odysseus and his men come in contact with many obstacles that they must overcome and there are more hurdles to jump when Odysseus reaches his destination.  Odysseus is an epic hero who, besides showing superhuman

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950 words - 4 pages deeds and battles make him the hero he desires to be. Perhaps what makes Beowulf live today, forever a legend of the past, is the fact that he did die, making him a mortal being; living and dying with the people, for the people, and as a person. Beowulf is the prime example of an epic hero. He is a seemingly invincible person with all the extraordinary traits required of a hero, not only of the Anglo-Saxon time. His bravery and strength exceed all mortal men; loyalty, morals and virtues and the ability to think of himself last make him respected by all. He set a noble example for all human beings. Beowulf is most definitely an epic hero, and a hero of the ages.

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2714 words - 11 pages References to epic hero stories are around us all the time, although we may not realize it. For example, why do we have trophies? What are they for? Well the answer to this lies in Beowulf; the trophies are put up to remember the deeds that we have done. Epic heroes have been around for a very long time, their stories born as the creation tale for the places of their origin. The people needed their epic heroes to outline the proper way to act