What All Documents Are Required To Apply For Voter Id Card Online?

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Assembly Elections are almost over in all the concerned states with most of you responsible citizens visiting the polling booths and hence making your opinion heard and count by choosing the ideal candidate. But, a responsible citizen is not merely judged by an intention to vote, instead, a responsible citizen is the one who is well endowed with all the documents and has completed all the formalities beforehand. An example of a legal documents that is the life line of the voting process is the Voter ID Card, documents like the EPIC not only act as essential identity proofs in the long run, but also ensure your entry to the polling booth where the voting process would take place during the elections.

Although there might be people who have an intention of participating in this essential electoral process but are not able to do so because of their time line crunches and busy schedules. Such people may think that getting a voter id card would require them to take out a huge slot from their ever so narrow time line.

The Election Commission has a mindset of attracting as many citizens as it could to the polling booths. To facilitate this ambition of high voter turn out, the commission has eased the process of issuing identity documents, people can now easily apply for a Voter ID Card Online without having to physically visit the ERO office. There are a range of electoral formalities that could be completed online with great swiftness, some of these formalities are:-Registering your name onto the Voters' List, applying for a new voter id card, checking your name in the electoral roll or checking the status of your application. Almost every essential process that precedes the casting of vote, could be completed online, without taking a toll on your dead lines for work.

Hence, no matter how much busy or preoccupied you are, the whole electoral system works in a way that would not affect your time much. So, if you have not applied for an EPIC thinking that you may have to lose out on your work, you may now very well go and apply for Voter ID Card Online. The very first form that you are required to fill is the Form No. 6, this form, as we said, could...

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