What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Animal Testing?

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Each year in USA laboratories more then 100 million animals are burned, poisoned
and lamed (Top 5 Shocking Animal Experimentation Facts). Each year scientists
use animals in order to progress, to improve life of people and animals. However,
many testing animals suffer and die. But others do not agree and support the fact
that we should use animals because of advance. So what are advantages and
disadvantages of using animals? This problem will be researched from different
areas such as medicine, ethics and economy.

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According to article “Pro & Con Arguments: "Should Animals Be Used for
Scientific or Commercial Testing?" animal testing it is very useful ...view middle of the document...

So animal testing is the main cause of medical

Animal testing is not so credible using method of checking. Today Animal testing
plays crucial role in acceptance of drugs. Scientists said that it is very necessary to
do medical test on new drugs due to the reason not to hurt people. However
92% of drugs that test good in animal fail during human trials according to
Food and Drug administration. One of the brightest examples is thalidomide.
This medicine has an awful reputation. Thalidomide is sedative for pregnant
women. People, using it, could easily sleep all night. Its broad application led
to that tens of thousands of children in the 1950th and 1960th years were born
with deformities. Someone did not have legs, someone born with missing arms
or others body’s parts. Despite the fact that it was checked well on animals, it
was brought terrible consequences (The Tragedy of Thalidomide and the Failure
of Animal Testing). Today there are a lot of such examples. For instance Vioxx,
Oraflex, Zomax, Suprol and others. It is mean that the majority of drugs are not
guarantee safety for the human body despite check on animals. All these facts
make experiments on animal’s unreliable source of drug testing (Animal Testing
Is Bad Science: Point/Counterpoint).

Alternative does not exist.

Many people said why we do experiments on animals when today developed a
special technique instead of experiments. “American Assosiation
for Laboratory Animal Science” states that there are not alternative ways to animal
testing. The reason for this is that experience should be done in living beings. The
human organisms are unpredictable. The modern sophisticated technology can’t
mimic the complicated interaction among the species. Results of technical
researches are not such credible as testing on animals. “Computers can do amazing
things. But even the most powerful computers can’t replace animal experiments in
medical research.” ( Professor Stephen Hawking). The Dr Simon Festing in his
interview agreed with this statement. In studies computers play an important role.
However, it is impossible to completely replace animal testing for high-tech
devices. Before scientists programmed to display a model of human physiology
they need to know the basics of it. A basis of this we can take only the use of
animals in experimentation. It is made the animal testing special and irreplaceable
because only experiments can give more precisely result than modern techniques.
As there are no replacements scientists should use animals (Animal Research FAQ).


The Mac Mc Daniel said that animal testing is very expensive. Animals must be
fed, housed and cared by scientists and veterinarians. For example, the cost of
experiment ”Monkeys Getting High For Science” was equal $71000 only for
feeding cocaine to primates. On his opinion, it is just wasting money that...

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