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What Are Dreams? And Do They Affect Us In A Good Way Or A Bad Way

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Every time a black cat crosses someone’s path, it is considered a form of bad luck. It is assumed that one should have taken a different path to avoid this. This is also a form of a superstition and is usually heard from many superstitious characters. Superstitions are used to provoke a character into believing something that is really not possible, as do dreams. Although, ‘dream’ and ‘superstition’ are two separate terms, in many cases they work together to promote some kind of sign. When the word dream is used, often it is believed and given off as an image one may get when one is sleeping. There are two or more very broad definitions of the word dream. A dream could be a goal; something that you’ve wanted to achieve for a while. A dream could be the communication of the mind, body and soul. This communication usually occurs when one is unconscious. The purpose of a dream that occurs as one is asleep is still not understood. Although hallucinations and premonitions are very different from a dream, it is assumed that a premonition is a dream. A dream is an alternate realm where one’s mind is living where as one’s body is not. This alternate realm is not a positive effect on one, as it allows one to create a false fairytale like world. This is dangerous for the mind and the soul therefore one is not positively affected by dreams.What does it really mean to have a dream? There is no definite answer to this question. One could take a dream as a message from God. A dream can be looked upon in search for many different interpretations. In the Islamic perspective, dreams are not necessarily a message from Allah. It is believed that the dreams that we have when we are asleep are usually dependant on the state of mind we are in as we are falling asleep. For example, if one is to be in deep thought about school they may experience a dream that is relevant to that focus. It is also thought that good and bad dreams are nothing to worry about. We are not expected to seek interpretations of any dreams, although dream interpretations are still practised. Interpreting a dream may result the interpretation as a negative message, which would negatively effect one. When one has a bad dream/nightmare we are expected to seek refuge from Allah and not speak about the dream. It is also believed that dreams are a message from God but one really has to understand them instead of boasting about them. Interpreting it the wrong way may tend to be dangerous to the mind. Sigmund Freud, a neurologist and psychiatrist stated that a bad dream allows the brain to gain control over emotions. Necessarily, dreams are not good for one’s mind as they may leave a negative influence on one which tends to lead to many mental illnesses.“I have a dream”, was the famous idiom said by Martin Luther King Jr. in his speech. This ‘dream’ that Martin Luther King Jr. had was a goal, it was something he wanted from life. His dream...

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