What Are My Fears On Campus

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Rich, blue is the deep color of the sky over the most immaculate beautiful campus of Los Angeles Trade Technical College, far from the days when I did take my smarts for granted as nothing was impossible... Here on this fourth campus as a fourth termed college student I have grown very much, yet I have fears? Where can I get money to pay for the costs of Universities I’d love to attend, but how about the debt I have already collected with Fafsa: Sallie Mae Foundation? Where I can still only wish I had a slightest advantage of knowing: where am I? Well, in a much better frame of mind I am today due to the natural processes of Matureness while growing old and wiser. The only attendant in college of my ancestral beginnings. Mother and Father, I never wanted to be as they have been all their lives now I see Their advantages they have had from hard work, but no education to further climb the escalated hierarchy to far up out of reach now as age has set in for wisdom to partake in the fruition of happiness and those blessed memories Mom and Dad have had fondness undertaking together. Husband and Wife and four Children. I am afraid simply because I live in the age of technology soaring so undeniably an ever changing entity of need and desires.
My name is John Junior Quintela III; an eldest child of four. Two elder brothers and two younger sisters who brother and I take care of best as we can. I have tried with my sister of the San Gabriel Police department who has begun a drug habit and alcohol addiction, with much pain due to her divorce and hysterectomy, and a hit and run incident in which she was embarrassed as a Police Officer for Drunk Driving that her and her Lieutenant Husband of the San Gabriel Police Department never gave her ultimate consolidation of her mistakes. Mistakes so it goes Police must learn someday to be more human than the People they protect and serve and understand they are flesh and heart, needing to love and be loved indeed fact and always will remain as such!
Today I have a lot of preaching as to what others are doing wrong; those of whom I truly love so very deeply, but I am a reformed citizen, father of three, with a past criminal history larger than the state of Alaska U.S. What praise do I get? Enough I am...


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2604 words - 11 pages . . "What Are the Health Effects of Drinking Soda?" WiseGEEK. Conjecture Corporation, n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2013. . Zelman, Kathleen M. "Can Soft Drinks Be Healthy?" Weight Loss & Diet Plans. WebMD, n.d. Web. 22 Feb. 2014. .

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