What Are Our Responsibilities Toward The Environment?

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We all belong to the same world and all of us have the same responsibilities towards the world and its environment. This fact might be hard to digest, but if we continue to pollute the Earth at the current rate, all of the world’s ocean waters will become one-hundred-thirty percent acidic. This means that the ocean will be unable to sustain most of its marine life and only a few creatures will be able to survive in the water. A big population of people think that they do not or have few responsibilities towards the environment. People think that the governor of a country should take steps to help the environment. They leave it to scientists since they have the technology to prevent pollution, or that is what most people think. There are more responsibilities to the world each individual has than most of realize. The amount of negligence and ignorance of humans towards the Earth is taking a heavy toll.

If a person living in a city living in the city goes out for a walk, they will see that everything is perfect. The air is fresh and the beaches are clean and the sea waters look crystal clear. Even though everything looks right, problem still persists in other parts of the world. A lot of people’s thinking about the environment is confined to their surroundings and where they live, so they do not realize that the environment is in danger because of their actions. What should come into their concern first is that even though everything looks perfect, their community and surroundings are also polluted. In cities, the streets and the parks may be sparkling clean, there is no guarantee that the air is clean. In large cities, megapolises and metropolises, a major mode of transportation are cars. Car usage produces a lot of carbon dioxide, polluting the atmosphere around us. It is very common to find rich people in cities and because they have so much money, they tend to spend more and buy more products. This trend of high consumption is a problem. The more products a person uses, the more waste there is. For example, a person who has lots of money will not hesitate in buying a more than one phone, whereas all he needs is one. Now assume that he has seven phones. Out of these he prefers to use only two of them. Over time the other five phones will become of no use to him and he will probably dispose of them. This way, a lot of waste is produced in cities. Same applies to food consumption. There are people who will make huge breakfasts for themselves and then they are getting late for work, so they throw away their breakfast and head along for their work. All of this waste contributes to large landfills. A lot of this waste is biotic. When a biotic component decomposes, it releases a gas called methane. Methane contributes to global warming. Along with this are restaurants that contribute biomass to landfills. Many people in restaurants order more food than they can eat and waste a lot of it. Some places have buffets where people usually overeat and...

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