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What Are Personality Traits In The Work Environment?

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What are Personality Traits in the Work Environment?
What exactly are personality traits in the work environment? Personality traits are simply a person’s actions, attitudes, and behaviors being displayed. The work environment being covered is currently in need of what many call an extreme intervention. Currently several coworkers are dealing with one individual who is using various counterproductive work behaviors to create a negative work environment. Many of these behaviors include harassing coworkers, creating un-welcomed conflict, not being truthful, sabotage, and purposely withholding information from others.
Ms. Helpful is Assigned
As these measures of negativity persisted in the ...view middle of the document...

Helpful began to dig into the issues with each individual. Ms. Newbie explained she was experiencing negative undertones, raciest remarks, and negative gender differences. Ms. Newbie expressed she had brought this to management’s attention several times in the past months. Ms. Newbie explained that management informed her that this is just the way Mr. Nogood is and that she needed to get to know him and things would get better. Ms. Newbie also explained she was feeling disengaged and was beginning to feel nothing was being done about her complaints.
Then there was Ms. Assistant who would also receive discourteous remarks from Mr. Nogood. There were times Mr. Nogood verbally identified observations like you are good at making coffee, or that he wished all the other gals around here were like Ms. Assistant. Mr. Nogood informed Ms. Assistant on several occasions that she does her job well, and others like her should just sit there quietly too.
Then we have Ms. Manager who has a hidden disability. Ms. Manager has been informed by several coworkers and other managers that Mr. Nogood would often mock and mimic her in front of others. Several managers or peers of Ms. Manager described how Mr. Nogood acted out how she talked and walked, throughout the work location. Ms. Manager brushed off the reports with remarks like you just need to get to know him, he doesn’t mean it like he comes across. This was perceived by other managers as a weakness in Ms. Manager’s leadership style. Several man-agers had a difficult time accepting Ms. Manager’s explanations. Different managers stated that it may be possible that she knows his nurtures or life experiences, and chooses to defend these bad behaviors. Several managers approached the Director Mr. Pleasant asking for resolution with these issues, stating his nurtures have no bearing on his bad behavior, and this is insubordination in their eyes. The Director Mr. Pleasant and other managers who witnessed these bad behaviors stated in a management meeting that Ms. Manager needed to fix the situation...


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