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What Are Personality Traits In The Work Environment?

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The dynamics of this team building sifted immensely when the entire group went to the right side, except Mr. Nogood stayed on the left side. It was still noticeable that the team still was not completely interconnected. The group appeared presently surprised, almost like they just realized a self-fulfilling prophecy occurred in front of them. It was obvious Mr. Nogood was taken back and shocked by the scenario that just played out in front of the group, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Mr. Wellversed and or Mr. Pleasant. It was so noticeable that Mr. Honey even empathized with Mr. Nogood. Mr. Honey even asked the instructor if he could join Mr. Nogood so he had someone to do the rest of the instructional tasks with while in the training. It was obvious that the attribution process that involves a behavior could have been the root cause of Mr. Nogood’s situation. This usually appears when the internal factors or the environmental factors create this existing scenario. The group gossiped silently stating that this is what Ms. Manager was undoubtedly referring too when it came to her over protective actions with Mr. Nogood. Ms. Manger knew his hidden side which is a piece of the four part region in the Johari Window Model. This part is “what the person knows about him/herself that others do not know. The hidden area could also include sensitivities, fears, hidden agendas, manipulative intentions, and secrets - anything that a person knows but does not reveal, for whatever reason. (Chapman, 1995)”.
Team Building Begins
Surprisingly the group went on to perform the necessary tasks of team building. The group began to run through the processes and things went rather smoothly. The group became unified on the right side as the group formed divergent thinking processes to solve problems and procedures. The group was beginning to break away from their innate thought processes. The thinking was developing into a more global mindset. They were developing a better knowledge of each other’s beliefs, values and differences. It was almost like the group was developing the team composition style where cooperation, coordination, communicating, comforting, and conflict resolution was happen with the instructors assigned tasks during the training. Although, the left side was still not a part of the team, they continued to stay distant and felt no pressure to conform. The left side was perceived by the right side to be in the social loafing frame of mind. This was perceived by others as not being fully engaged in this process, and there was little effort or involvement in the course training. Eventually, Mr. Negative came back to the right side of the room after he realized it was in his best interest to join in the activities.
After all the various team building activities played out the team was asked to go back to their original seat. At this time Mr. Wellversed handed out the confidential Myers Briggs personality test. The group opened up there results and was...

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