What Are Positive And Negative Impacts Of Social Networking Sites On Social Life?

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Social Networking is one of the major part of people’s life. People spend much time to surf in internet, especially in social networking sites. Somebody spend many hours per day. However, not all of them know about impacts that affected on their health, education. Moreover, it influences how companies and small businesses advertise, to communication between friends. This essay is about benefits and drawbacks of social networks on social life.

Social Networks help people find friends and solve problems, also the have chance to connect quickly and effectively. Many years ago, when we were not having social networks, it was difficult for people to communicate with each other. However, when ...view middle of the document...

75% said that virtual life helped them find their classmates and old friends and that's good. (Zaid) As a result, after creating social networks the problem of connecting between people become not so actual.
Social Networking sites have made the world a smaller and it is the easiest way to advertise. Everybody can be kept abreast of the latest happenings in whole world very quickly. Moreover, most people and users to guess what a lot of money earn network advertising, sell it, and are allowed to sell advertising in social networks and their users. Advertising helps develop many social networks, advertising is the engine of any project and consequently helps him better development. The results of a survey company TNS order to LinkedIn show that in the United States and Canada, 81% of small and medium-sized enterprises used for the development of business social networks. While in 94% of cases assigned tasks marketing resolve. Most activity in the social networks is companies that are in the phase of rapid growth. This was approximately one in six of the companies surveyed, and 73% of them reported an increase in investment in social media marketing. (Mershon)
Many people reckon that social networks are not good place for advertising. People go to a social network for communication, not for purchasing. Also, they do not need to look to take decisions or make a choice. This is their key difference from the search engines. People in the social network talking about yourself, talk with friends, and they don't want to be interrupted hype. They do not like it. From author’s questionnaire, only 10% of the users of social networks pay for advertising in social networks note and pass on her, wishing to make a purchase. Most buyers get to the online seller using the search engine or by typing the address of the resource. Undoubtedly, 10% of potential sales are very low. Of course, if you think about the weak impact of advertising campaigns in the networks there is no intrigue. Networks are designed to solve a completely different problem. That's why social networks are not the best place for accommodation of advertising campaigns, Google - on the contrary, a great place for this, because people are in search of information.

In addition, social networks have negative impacts on people’s life and it lead to social network addiction. Research on the theme of social network addiction show that the long-term and uncontrolled roaming in the network of the changes in the state of...

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