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What Are Security Cameras? Essay

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Security cameras are devices that take video footage of events going on in the area where they are aimed. They are used for crime prevention in homes, businesses, and public places. They are also useful in identifying criminals after a crime has occurred.

Crime makes security cameras important for almost anyone. People are certainly concerned about security. In the decade between 1990 and 2000, $42.8 billion was spent in the US on the installation and monitoring of home security systems.

They have a reason to be concerned. Crime is high in the United States, with a new incident of crime happening about every 2 seconds. There is a burglary every 12 seconds, and 60% of those happen ...view middle of the document...

Anything a person wanted to know about someone else that could be recorded and taped was fair game.

The 1990s saw several developments in the evolution of the security camera and its use. Digital multiplexing was invented, allowing the use of several cameras to record at once. Time-lapse and motion-only recording was a part of the package.

The security camera began to be used at ATMs and sporting events. If there was a potential for crime, or for dire consequences should a crime occur, security cameras were used. Digital video surveillance became the means by which business owners could keep track of their stores without being hassled by having to change tapes every day.

People began using Nanny Cams to watch for abusive or neglectful babysitters. That was when the home use really took off. On September 11, 2001, everything changed. Suddenly everyone wanted a security camera.

What is more, the technology just kept improving. High-tech security cameras used at airports can now scan and compare people’s faces to their photo IDs. The internet is also being used for video surveillance now. People even use cell phones to catch people in the act of doing something they should not be doing.

All this does not mean that permanent security cameras are not being used at people’s homes. People are becoming more safety conscious and security cameras are more popular than ever. The cameras have more features now; that is all.
Chapter 3 – Who Needs Security Cameras?

Many businesses could barely exist without security cameras; they have become so dependent upon them. Convenience stores are one example. Banks are another, not only in the vaults and lobbies of their buildings, but at their ATMs as well. It seems that any business that has costly inventory is prone to theft. They need security cameras, too.

Business owners may want to know who is entering and leaving their offices or stores. They can be saddled with fraudulent lawsuits if they are not prepared with video evidence of their own. Businesses suffer great losses from theft both from external people and from insiders. Security cameras can help with that..

One of the most basic reasons to have security cameras in a place of employment is to safeguard employees. If your workplace does not have security cameras, you might want to ask for them if you feel that you face danger of bodily harm by criminals. Insurance companies are so convinced that security cameras and systems work that they will lower a business’s insurance rates if they install them.

What of homeowners, though; do they need security cameras? The fact is that most homeowners would do well to have them. Sadly, even those who live in small town, USA are not safe from crime. There are people all over the country who could use security cameras. Consider a few examples.

Prized Possessions – If you are someone who has many belongings that you do not want to see stolen, you could be worried...

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