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What Are Some Important Characteristics Of The Digital World We Now Live In, And How Might They Influence The Type Of Teacher You Will Become?

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With todays use of technology, it is certainly one of the largest and utilized components within today’s society. There are several specific characteristics that the digital world has to offer – with some examples being technological devices themselves, programming and social networking within teaching communities. According to the UK Department of Education (2013)
“Many sectors, such as medicine, manufacturing, entertainment, travel, finance and retail have been changed fundamentally by the effective and innovative use of technology.”
The statement given by UK Department of Education reinforces the fact that in the digital world today, technology has become an important component of our ...view middle of the document...

Teachers become more willing to try more complicated problems since the calculations were easy to perform.”
The development in the calculator proves that throughout the digital world, technology is making education faster with quicker and easier to obtain answers. Technological devices will certainly have a large impact and influence on the type of teacher I become due to this large utilization of this equipment. According to Howell (2012) - the focus for technology in the phase of early childhood education is in three key areas: 1) to assist in the development of emerging literacy and numeracy skills, 2) to offer an alternative tool for use in creative, experimental and purposeful activity and 3) to develop a strong set of basic skills to be built upon throughout schooling. Howells phases display the dependency of modern technological devices within the classrooms today, to influence learning on modern day students. With this common use of digital appliances within the classrooms, it will help myself to acquire knowledge and grow as a teacher being able to help my students to also learn and grow. The quick access to information from technological devices will assist my teaching by giving fast and efficient results and information to my pupils.

Programing is another significant characteristic of the digital world today. Programing is used both by adults and children, therefore is useful for both teachers and students. WhatIs (2007) specified programming as “a specific set of ordered operations for a computer to perform”. Types of programing are apps on iPads for example “3D Classic Literature Collection”, as well as programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Programs are particularly important as they help to find information, assemble learning and are fast and efficient. Programing in the world we live in today is exceeding relied on, and will definitely influence the teacher that I will become. Published in ¬¬¬¬The Australian, Foo (2014) stated “Programming will be a compulsory subject from Years 3 to 8 under the digital technologies component of the new national curriculum”. This statement explicatively states how programming is an important component of the education spectrum – and proves that it is an important characteristic within the digital world. Everyday activities rely on technology – as teachers use programming to write reports (such as Microsoft word), research information (using the internet) and many other purposes. Programming will certainly influence myself as a teacher, as current educators use different types of programming due to it is a large and dependable source. Programming may in the future evolve and our students and we as teachers must adapt and know that it will forever be changing.

A common and well-used characteristic of the digital world is social networking. There are many different forms of social networking, and it is is known to be large feature within the digital world. An example of large social networking is...

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