What Are Some Reasons Familes Do Not Have More Meals Together?

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In the article “Teens Get Extra Helping of Emotional Welfare at Frequent Family Dinners” Sharon Jayson presents new research that shows tries to answer the question to an idea that Family Dinners are beneficial to children. Even though the research was extensive it has turned up inconclusive data about the matter. The reason’s for this inconclusive data is that there were many factors that could affect the child’s psychological mind frame, or academic standing at school. The research also took a totally different turn once the child entered their adolescent years and a plethora of new factors came into play. According to Daniel Miller, an assistant professor of social work at Boston ...view middle of the document...

So the reason for family dinners faltering or disappearing as the child becomes a teen is because they rather be around their peer group. They feel a type of kinship with other teens because they are going through puberty right along with them and they can support one another.
As an athlete and dedicating a lot of time to be the best you can be at my select sport I realize the toll it takes on my social life with friends but the toll is even larger when you consider that I don’t spend that much time with my parents. When you factor in the time you do your sport with school and the auxiliary work associated with school you don’t really have time a majority of the time to sit and have a family meal. Sometimes when you get home from practice dinner is already made and you just grab some food then go do your school work. This is where the teen becoming independent and more self reliant and creating their own life and social schedule and at times it doesn’t include having meals with your family. It is a string of lonely nights of just you striving to be the best athlete, or the best student, or musician and so on. It does pull the child away from the dinner table and thus destroying family meals.
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