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What Are The Barriers To Human Rights Being Recognised As Truly Universal In Application?

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Human rights have been the central ideas of the global political arena, for a long period of time. The aftermath of the Second World War, the genocide of the Jewish had instigated a mass change in human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human rights was embraced by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948 (, 2014). It was created to ensure every human born is protected no matter the age, race, sex, nationality and any other physical or mental traits people possess. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an international document that encourages states to promote social, economic and political rights to the citizens. (, 2014). Human rights heavily touch on ...view middle of the document...

human rights
The world is full of religions hundred of years old, stemming beliefs and traditions that are followed in today’s modern society. Our cultural perspectives limit our rights. There cultural practice which many people in engage in can be perceived has a violation to human rights for the west, but on the other hand can be a sign of respect. Arranged marriages in India, the west tend to frown upon the thought of marrying a stranger. Westerns tend to see this behaviour as oppressive, marrying someone may or may not have met. India lives in a society where divorce is scandalous and is said to bring shame on the family name, the divorce rate is low, and being married means not just to the groom but his family too. Meeting someone your going to spend the rest of your life only once, letting their parents doing the choose a spouse who seems the best match. However sometimes these matches can go wrong, girls can be given away due to desperation. Families are poor and can’t afford to keep a girl home, that’s another mouth to feed. It can become financial burden families no other option to marry the girl off. This can be interpreted as a violation of Article 16, right to marriage and family. Many girls that are given away have spoken out about numerous domestic violence cases, rape and sexual harassment. However many are scared as they will be not honouring there families. Girls subjected to years of abuse to rid their families of financial obstacles. There needs to be an introduction of an authority above and beyond corrupt governments. Cultural norms interfering with the idea of human rights is Female genital mutilation. A common practice which many ethic groups in sub-Saharan and northeast Africa engage in. This involves the operation of cutting parts of the external genitalia, which are associated with sexual pleasure and satisfaction (Magied, 2013). This practice infringes many rights of...

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