What Are The Best Brand Names Around The World?

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What are your best brands around the world ? in the modern Era after a lot of countries adopted the system of capitalist economy, which depend on the economic freedom in the owing of the means of production. The companies can offer for its product and distribution in different places around the world. In addition, to increased competition and intimidation the companies which counterfeiting their product. That will create the companies a huge losses so they had to invent signs on their product. In my report I will discuss the definition of brands, compare between the top two brands around the world, and how to invent a brand.
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Visibility - Most prospective consumers / clients look for highly visible, well-defined businesses, and the "look and feel" of your identity plays a major role in their decision making process. Credibility - Establishing credibility with a strong visual message in a professionally developed Brand / Identity system, used throughout all of your business and marketing communications, will keep you a step ahead of your competition. Appearance - A professionally developed Brand / Identity system positions your company to work with larger organizations and increases your margins by allowing you to set premium rates for your products and / or services. Retention - Most people remember what they see much better than what they hear or read. Having a consistent visual identity throughout all of your business and marketing communications will keep you at the forefront of existing and potential clients’ minds when they have a need for your products and / or services. Differentiation - When partnered with a strategic marketing program, a well-designed logo and a strong identity system will position your business far above the competition in your market. Stability - Even if you are unable to claim that you’ve been in business for “over 30 years”, having a functional Brand / Identity system gives the impression that your business is dedicated to the industry you serve. Support - When you present a well-rounded business package, your business goals and objectives are more clearly defined and this will improve your chances of getting venture capital or other forms of financial assistance"(2) (n.d, 2014)
Apple is at the top of brands and Google is the second. Apple is American company working on designing and manufacturing electronics and computer software products for example: IPod, I Phone, Mac OSX, I Tunes, I life, I work, and Final Cut Studio. It is...

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