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What Are The Causes Of Domestic Violence?

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Domestic violence involves men, women and children no matter what kind of relationship the person may be in whether heterosexual or homosexual. Domestic violence victims are both women and men, although most victims tend to be women. It does not matter what religion, social class or ethnic class the person may be from it affects everyone.
Domestic violence is defined as one person using any means to control the other person ( It can include emotional, psychological, physical or sexual abuse. Women are most of the time victims of abuse due to them being seen as second class citizens. They have been portrayed in pornographic videos, magazines and video games for years which are very degrading to women.
Billions of dollars are lost every year due to domestic abuse. It is a public health problem causing loss of jobs productivity, medical costs and homelessness for victims of abuse ( Sometimes it can even lead to death for the victim.
The causes of domestic violence seem to be the same in every culture, religion, economic class and society. Low income is one cause of abuse. People that have a low income, around poverty level, have a harder time making ends meat therefore they tend to have more stress. Stress in a relationship can lead to abuse. The bread winner in the family may feel stressed that he/she is unable to provide for the family. He may take this guilt and stress out on the spouse or the child in the form of yelling or hitting. This is the reason that the rate of abuse is higher during the holidays.
Another cause for abuse seems to be alcohol or drug abuse. The person that is addicted to drugs or alcohol may come...

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