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What Are The Connections And Differences Between Diversity Management And Organisational Culture?

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Control plays a critical role to connect a relationship between management and organisational culture. Under this situation, diversity management can build a creative workplace and assist employees to be more productive and satisfied in the workplace. Regarding the organisational culture, it can motivate the employees to work harder and focus on thinking how to improve the performance of the organisations. It will discuss how they connect with the control as below.To develop the diversity management, it requires the development of a culture, range of policies and three levels to achieve the organisation's objectives and strategies (Teicher et al quoting Piore, p 32). One of the processes for the diversity management initiatives is strategic which involves issues such as building the desired organisational culture, improving management systems and developing leaders for the future (Teicher et al quoting Piore, p 330). It divides culture into two categories which are existing culture and desired culture. Both of them are to clarify organisational values and understand the needs of the individuals and organisations. Then, the organisations will create a list of policy and adopt it. The policies are shaped according to the needs of the employees and the businesses. Therefore, not only can it control the employees, but also create a harmony environment to assist the employees to be more productive. One of the policies is called human resource policy which controls employees' working hours. It is based on the needs of the employees and business; therefore, both employees and business will satisfy with the issues. For example, older worker will arrange fewer working hours for them than the others and let them develop their interest that they can purse during retirement (Teicher et al quoting Piore, p331). Not only can the policies enhance the productivity, but also create a flexible workforce.Organisational culture is an essential component for the organisational effectiveness and as a promising mechanism management which can use to control and coordination (Sinclair, 1991). It refers to "the way we do things around here", which impacts on the employees how they behave in the organisations (Robbins, 2003, p70). In fact, organisational culture is a set of norms, values and standards of behaviour that control employees' work to achieve the organisational goals (Jones, George, 2003, p349). Employees internalize organisational values and norms, and then their actions and decisions are guided by the organisational culture. It is a mutual action between employees and organisations (Gareth, Jennifer, 2003, p349). With a strong and cohesive organisational culture, employees are motivated to work harder, and their decisions and actions become oriented toward helping the organisations. Therefore, it can enhance the productivity, and boost the efficiency and effectiveness for the organisations to accomplish the goals.Obviously, it can be seen that control links...

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