What Are The Effects Of Poverty On Children In Lagos, Nigeria?

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Primary school teachers and social workers working with the affected children are my participants.
What are the effects of poverty on children in Lagos Nigeria?
In Nigeria about 63% of the citizens live in abject poverty. Many of them lack basic amenities like clean water and sanitation. About 63% of the population live under $1 on a daily basis. Despite the fact that the economy is growing, poverty should rather be declining but increasing instead.
As a poor man said in Ethiopia, poverty is like heat, you cannot see it, you can only feel it, so to know poverty you have to go through it. This was quoted by Narayan, Chambers, Shah and Petesch 2000:33} (Swanepoel & De Beer 2006).
Poverty is the lack of certain essential opportunities; it is the lack of basic amenities that hinder people or family to contribute physically or emotionally properly in the society.
Children are seen as the most vulnerable in the society; about 15million of Nigerian children engage in child labour, which has a direct impact on their academic accomplishments. In some certain cases, family tends to force their children to work in factories for the survival of the family. Break-up between poor parents is also another example where the children are left to fend for themselves (Okpukpara et al 2006).
According to Law Mefor, childhood poverty can be considered as a long term morbidity and mortality. Children living in Lagos state which is the mega city of Nigeria has experienced emotional breakdown, if a poor child struggles and makes it to the future he or she will still be classed as a disadvantage despite the financial breakthrough. Poverty has caused a lot of negative effects on children (Mefor, 2010).
Nigerians living in poverty lack basic requirements of life. Due to high standard of poverty, poor Nigerian parents can’t afford a proper upbringing for their children, this way they lack adequate health care. Health is wealth; poverty causes children to be defenceless to sickness and diseases due to bad diet and bad environment. Poverty reduces and limits access to appropriate medical attention (Swanepoel & De Beer 2006).

Poverty has inflicted malaria on both children and adult in Lagos state. Malaria is another huge problem child experiencing poverty suffers from. Malaria is a vector that causes sickness in people. Researchers suggest that if poverty level decreases, then malaria level also decreases. If only parents could afford mosquito nets, their children won’t be bitten by the parasites that inflict sickness (fosu et al 2008).
Children suffer from malnutrition due to abject poverty; children undergo poor health as a result of drinking unsafe water, all these leads to low immune system calling to infections and other diseases. Researchers have concluded that the longer the children have lived in poverty, the less efficient their bodies become in handling environmental demands. A parent not being able...

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