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What Are The Four Main Global Enviromental Problems?

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There are four main global environmental problems that we are facing in the current world. Which are haze, increase in human population, technology and waste land. These four global environmental issues require urgent attention to create the ecology friendly. As a matter of fact the purpose of eco friendly is to protect our mother nature such as air, water, land, flora and fauna. Therefore, if we do not preserve the green house gases it can ultimately affect the risk of human health all around the world. We have to maintain our natural recourse of the environment and be careful of its use to be able to conserve it. This recourse can be classified as living and non-living resources. A well take cared environment is a necessity for well-being of all organisms. On the contrary, people around the world don’t understand the fact that this environmental issues are actually cause by our own wrong doings that leads the world to face the current environmental crisis. It is important that we take action as a consideration for the future of mother earth and for future generation. As children of our mother nature we should protect us country as much as possible so that we could avoid environmental issues.

The first global environmental problem is haze this is caused by burning down forest. As we all know that green forest is important because it creates photosynthesis for flora and fauna for human begin. When a deforestation activity happens all of these will be destroyed due to their shatters is being chopped down. Burning down forest is a result that produces bad air pollution to public; the effect of air pollution to humans is cardiovascular problems, respiratory infections and lastly gets irritations skin& eyes. Base on the article of Robert Hathaway it stated that, haze is a massive destruction to millions of Southeast Asia that is accumulate from island of Sumatra of Indonesia and it passes to affected countries like Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Southern Thailand and Indonesia. Moreover, the reasons why the Indonesia burns the forest is due to deforestation; it means that they need to clear the area by burning all of the tress so that the soils can contribute to the desertification and increase waterways. It is cleared by large multi-nations pulps companies, to be replaced by plantation because in the logging industry the demands from China and Japan are continuously increasing in their demand for supply. Above all it is obvious that this country is just thinking about earning profits rather than thinking about how it is going to affect the earth .With this intention, they have not realized that they are harming other countries in many circumstances. Therefore, haze has affected schools, colleges, and working environment due to bad condition of air pollution. Yet it was not advisable for people to leave their homes. On the other hand, haze can spread sickness through polluted drinking water it can cause diarrhea, cholera and typhoid...

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