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What Are The Issues That Make Up The Background For The Death And Dying?

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Throughout the death and dying processes, the legitimate care is there for every patient and family member or friend. However, as somber as this is sound, there are many issues that add on to the background of the acceptance of death. End of life preparations contribute the acceptance of death in many ways, however, there are also negative factors that affect both the death and dying: the high cost of dying, vague concepts of a bucket list, and no acceptance of death at all.
The end of life can be quite costly, even if someone is on Medicare coverage or insurance. Many healthcare experts maintain the big spending in the past two years with no meaningful impact on the quality of life. In ...view middle of the document...

While hospices seem like a good solution, it should not be the only option. There are still many negative factors through the death and dying process.
In the dying region, many people invent a bucket list. Many dying individuals may have a point and make goals that may seem unachievable to pursue to say the least. However there is a difference between an unachievable and a bucket list. An unachievable list if different, fluid, updating status to what is coming, what is next, and where the dying come from. The unachievable list is not just a ‘to-do’ list, but commentary to his or herself on how they are living. There isn’t a huge issue with bucket lists, but the matter of fact is a bucket list is just a list. It’s a set of objectives waiting for the ding person to check off. If a dying individual does not achieve what is on them as a failure. Therefore, looked as a bad approach. Journalist Joel Runyon states in a contrast explanation of a bucket list, “If you’re getting bored with your life, it might e because it’s because you just have a list of things to do someday, instead of a list of things that you’re actively living out day to day in an attempt to live a life worth writing about” (Runyon, 2011). How an unachievable list is different from a bucket list is fascinating. A bucket list is unchangeable; in contrast, the impossible list evolves. While a bucket list gets smaller, the unachievable list gets bigger. A bucket list is focused on what he or she does before they die, the unachievable list is focused on how they live. By not being concerned about doing everything on the list and do some of the things, explores the limits of what the dying can do. When having an unachievable list, doing something is much more important than doing everything.
Many emotions and thoughts go through a dying individual’s state of mind. Many loved ones of the death and dying find it very difficult to accept the fact that someday, another family member or close friend will pass away with no thoughts, friends, memories, future, and eventually will decay and turn to dust. We all know how to be alive,...

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