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What Are The Major Theories Explaining The Disappearance Of Dinosaurs?

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Dinosaurs use to cover this earth. Where are they now? Sixty-five million years ago dinosaurs became extinct. The most popular theory as of now is said to be an asteroid theory. Which was the last period of the Mesozoic era? Other theories was said to be a volcanic activities, ice age, disease, change in DNA of dinosaurs cells and even a gradually change in climate. Geologic events also played a role. It is up to me and my team to find out.
Dinosaurs are no longer with us. We often overlook the reason they are not here or why they became so extinct. According to the asteroid theory a large collision between earth and an asteroid threw up so much dust into the air that it made it impossible ...view middle of the document...

On top of that the ground was covered in layers of molten rock. This could have also leaded to death because of the hotness of the lava all over.
There was also an ice age theory we developed. It was said to be very severe. We had many of them through this time. According to our earth’s history the last ice age ended about ten thousand years ago. The changing in the temperatures lead to the freezing of earth’s water. This also killed plants and animals because it was so cold.A cause could have also been dehydration. There was no water and the water they had was frozen.
Dinosaurs would have not made it under these conditions in any way. Great climate changes when the environment started shifting. It became a huge increase in latitudinal temperatures. It soon became too too cold or too too hot or too too wet. Changes could have caused vegetation to be inedible. This led to dinosaurs to have no food.
We also suggested that disease killed off dinosaurs. A very badly and deadly contagious disease circulated through dinosaurs making it no choice for them to be extinct. Still we also came up with the theory of the gradual changed in climate. Over a long period of time. Making dinosaurs un able to adapt to cooler, dryer climates. When dinosaurs cross land bridges where they went to find food, they...

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