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What Are The Problems Associated With Promotion Gmdp Assignment

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Promotion is defined as ‘the advancement of an employee to a better job in terms of responsibility, more prestige or status, greater skills and especially increased rate of pay or salary’ Wale(2001:32). He identified three basis for promotion which are merit, seniority and seniority-cum-merit (a combination of merit and seniority). Merit basis recognises an employee’s skills, capabilities, education, performance and past employment record whereas seniority basis centres its attention on the length of service of an employee. There are however problems experienced by organisations prior, during and after the promotion process using the above methods.
Unnecessary competition can be created prior to promotion. Employees may feel pressured to compete with each other for the job and this can create conflicts. Where performance is considered for promotion employees tend to sabotage each other in order to come out as favourites for promotion. Resources and time is channelled towards personal fulfilment rather than organisational goals.
Some people may refuse promotion due to opportunities about to be lost by shifting from the current position. Considering a waitress at a prominent restaurant who may be enjoying large sums of tips from serving high profile customers like ambassadors ministers or foreign dignitaries, may be reluctant to accept a promotion which minimises direct interaction with such customers. An employee may also feel that he will be quite incompetent to carry out the job mostly in cases whereby he has to been promoted to supervise those who were once his superiors and hence he refuses promotion.
Political infighting prior to promotion is also evident in most organisations whereby superiors put their favourites on the spotlight for promotion against each other. Considering a case where a certain number of general hands are to be promoted to be operators and the team leaders for the section are supposed to nominate candidates for consideration, each of them may be tempted to nominate those loyal to him so that he may not face resistance in the future. Hence a tag of war erupts among the team leaders as who is and who is not suitable for promotion. This will affects teamwork in organisations and has a direct impact on achievement of organisational goals.
Promotion usually causes a ripple of promotions all at once. This may cause unnecessary disruptions because so many people have to learn new jobs in a relatively short period of time. When a miner is promoted to a shift boss, someone has to fill the miner’s position and the process may be repeated up to the lowest level hence too many shifting in the organisation which may disrupt production on every level going downwards.
Sims(2007:55) identified disappointment in some employees as a common problem associated with the promotional process. Organizational members...


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