What Are The Safeties And Dangers Of Having Clean Or Dirty Water?

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water is one very dangerous substances on the planet if it not clean and purified. water is a source of life and a source of energy. clean and dirty water affect others and more often help their lives or give them risks.many people don't have access to clean water. around 783 million to one billion or six to eight billion people don't have access to clean water. 85% of the world are dry places with no water. this also means 1 out of 6 people don’t have access to clean water. due to the lack of clean water,
This means that 5,000 children die of dirty water each day because of the reasoning that people don't have access to clean water. there are many reasons people should have access to ...view middle of the document...

water was used for survival. water was used as food and a drink when there was no food. water was used to also feed hunger. water was also used in the egyptian times , they would bottle the water and they would carry the water home. water is also used for the curing and the significant symbol for faith because water was used in different religions. water was purified to make it clean in many ways. water was a good source of energy and a good source of fuel when there was nothing to have energy.
water is a symbol and a teaching of life.water was used in many ways to feed animal,plants,and people. water was an energy source that everyone could use and an energy source that everyone has access to and the human species could use the energy source to live and an energy source that humans could use to change the world. water is very important to the world. humans drink or use about 150 to 300 gallons of water every day. water in many ways is also used as an energy source that helps run human homes. water is used to also give life, transportation,enjoyment and having fun.
polluted of dirty water can cause different kinds of bacteria or infections. infected water can cause animals to die like small or large water creatures , dirty water or polluted water can cause a human to get sick,illness,infection,diseases and close to death. water could be polluted if humans didn't clean or purify their water system. not all water is clean or not accessible due to the fact that it has not been clean or to the fact that it has not been taken care of. water is a serious source because water is a source that we could get an infection from. water is a source that people could get if water isn't cleaned right. water is a source that people need to live on and people need to survive on.
water is used to feed animals by giving them energy so they could be able to work harder and so they could be able to move and water could be polluted if humans dump trash on water. water is a serious thing to worry about because it could harm more than people and animals, it could also hurt plants and the way we live. it could hurt plants by letting the plant rotten or let it go bad. it could affect the environment by poisoning the plants and letting the plants get bad bacteria or infections.
water couldnt only be bad for your body only but also for the human bones and structure. water could affect the human bones. water that have metals and other minerals in it could affect the human teeth and weaken the human bones and it would cause the human bones to break down easy and it would not have much strength. water...

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