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What Are We Doing To Our Water Resources?

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Water is needed for the sustenance of life and without its supply; death is inevitable because all living things must have water to survive. People can only a few days without water but can survive for weeks without food. Studies have shown that more than three quarters of the world’s population live in the driest half of the planet and over 783 million people do not have access to clean water around the world. Lack of water is a crisis taking place currently and many people are suffering as a result. The level of availability and usage of water varies around the world. In the last fifty years, the human population has greatly increased as well as the demand for fresh water and the concern about water availability grows as freshwater use continues at unsustainable levels. People in developed countries tend to use much more water than those in poorer countries. Lack of water have forced the minds of those who are capable of making a difference, to come up with ways of providing clean water to those who need it. Despite its importance water remains a scarce resource in many regions of the world and there are many factors that contribute to its scarcity and these include but not limited to climate change, pollution and inadequate infrastructure to supply water.

Climate change is altering patterns of weather and water around the world, causing shortages and droughts in some areas, and floods in others. Many of the most profound and immediate impacts of climate change will relate to water. Although clean water is essential for survival, there is growing lack of it. Changing climate is one of the causes of the water crises that are now faced worldwide. Rivers, lakes and aquifers are drying up. Now more than ever there are more severe and frequent droughts. Which cause lakes and rivers, and key sources that we tap for drinking water to be overdrawn. Over pumping of Aquifers causes depletion in ground water supply. Pumping water out of the ground faster than it is replenished over the long-term causes the volume of groundwater in storage to decrease in many areas because of frequent or excessive pumping. Groundwater depletion is primarily caused by sustained groundwater pumping. Some of the negative effects of groundwater depletion are the drying up of wells, reduction in water streams and lakes, increased cost for pumping. A drought is when you have less rainfall than you expected over an extended period of time, usually several months or longer. Droughts occur yearly in many parts of the world and the changes in climate and global warming have had a definite effect on drought conditions. Serious drought conditions can even lead to increased chances of major disease outbreaks. Countries in the Horn of Africa recently endured one of the worst droughts in 60 years. When water sources dry up, families are often forced to abandon their homes and embark on long, perilous journeys in search of water; and many children do not survive these long journeys. ...

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