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What Are We To Drive When Oil Runs Out?

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In this report, I am going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various alternative fuels for cars and vehicles. These are some of the fuels that I am going to investigate:
-Bio diesel
-Compressed air

Bio diesel:

Advantages: -It is safer to handle.
-Bio deisel is a renewable fuel that can be manufactured from vegetable oils, animal fat.
-It doesn't pollute the environment as much as the petrol nowadays and creates 15% less greenhouse gasses than petrol.
-Bio deisel gels in cold weather, but the exact temperature depends on what it was made from. (Won't be any use for cold countries such as Russia or Canada.
-It grows mouldy. I guess if you get it fresh and ride it off before it gets to that stage it should work but in some cases that might cause problems.
-It's expensive.


Advantages: -It is not expensive.
-It's the most concentrated source.
-It's very efficient because it can create a lot of energy and generate a small bit of pollution.

Disadvantages: -It can be dangerous as nuclear power can be highly disastrous because it can create health risks of radiation.
-The nuclear waste will have to be stored somewhere, nowadays it is boxed up and put underground but in the long term that won't be the best way because we will some day run out of space, and nuclear power is currently indestructible. (Getting rid of waste can be problematic.)
- As I mentioned before, the radiation can cause health risks in people some of them being deformation, desiese or death.


- Ethanol is probably the most similar bio fuel we have to compare with Petrol.
-It is made naturally from corn and other crops.
-It produces a lot less greenhouse gasses than actual petrol.

-Contains a lower heat of combustion than petroleum.
-It's very flammable, therefore dangerous if someone was to get into an accident which...

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