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What Are We Willing To Learn?

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Sariah Durrant
What Are We Willing To Learn?
A Discussion of Wisdom
Amongst the many rich tales that are told throughout our culture and across the world, many can teach us wonderful things about life on this earth. The wisdom of people and lessons that have been learned are often passed along through stories to be taken to anyone willing to learn. Often these messages are overlooked or pushed aside when they really do deserve our full attention. In the hectic world that we live in today, it is hard to turn away from the loud media and listen to the humble teachers that try to bring us into the light of true knowledge. It is my hope that we will all eventually learn to look for those teachers and listen quietly and respectfully to them and learnt the ways of hope, patience, and understanding. One of these amazing teachers can be found in the story A Celebration of Grandfathers.
Anaya’s grandfather had told him once to, “Pray for rain,” when the young boy had been wishing for something that he could not control. This simple phrase is loaded with wisdom and clarity of the world around us. Instead of worthlessly hoping and wishing for something to happen, we are taught to simply ask God to grant us such a simple yet vital contributor to our survival. We often disregard the small and frequently regarded as “unimportant” blessings in our life that really are a lot larger than they seem. The powers of the small things are tremendous and should not be overlooked. Such as simple phrases like earlier, those teach us much more than long complicated lectures do. We cannot disregard the wisdom paid for with somebody’s time and the effort spent in their life trying to unravel the meek yet beautiful secrets of the world that they wish to share with humanity. We find it so easy to ignore these terribly important aspects of knowledge and then they are wasted away, like useless hoping for rain. If we stop and take in the world around us, and if we take the time to truly understand, we can learn from this...

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