“What Are Your Predictions For 2014?” Reflection Document

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Everybody has expectations for the future. Some of our expectations are realistic while others are not, yet we continue to make them anyway! Isaac Asimov, like any other human being on this planet, had his own expectations for the future; however, I personally believe that he somewhat had a huge advantage on his part. When I first read this article, I immediately assumed that Mr. Asimov was a regular man from the year 1964; therefore, he would have no advanced knowledge pertaining to the future of science, technology, human development, etc. I was wrong. I reread the article’s headings and subheadings only to find out that Asimov was actually a writer and scientist. Had you pulled some ...view middle of the document...

I often immediately assume that things can’t get any better than they are/were so my first thought is nothing less than the end of the Earth as we know it. This may not be the case. Perhaps there is still chance for humanity yet. Perhaps the Revelation of Jesus Christ will not take place in the next fifty years. Perhaps there won’t be hourly natural disasters and my descendants won’t have to worry about the ground caving in beneath their feet. I could be right, or I could be wrong. I will never be certain because I cannot honestly predict the future.
What’s going to be considered great in the year 2063? I don’t know, but I’ll go ahead and make a hypothesis anyway. Unlike Isaac Asimov, I prefer to think about what my life might be like. Let’s just assume for the sake of this reflection that I will live to be sixty-four years old, that Halley’s Comet will have come and gone in the year 2061, and that everything I wished to accomplish by then will have worked out. Sixty-four (even in the future) still sounds like a perfectly young-enough age. Someone who is sixty-four is still considered a healthy adult who can still stand, breath, and annoy the ones they hold most dear; while also still being categorized as an elder with many years of wisdom and experience under their belt. I guess that life at home will be FULL of technology. Perhaps furniture may be a little different but I doubt it. Couches, chairs, and beds will probably continue to become cozier and cozier. Think about it. Beds and couches have slowly evolved from planks of wood with some feather cushions to these lovely pillows sewn together over well-made frames. I can see the future of furniture and it is SOFT! Another part of life that may change...

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