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What Aspects Of Depression Are Show In Children, Adolescents, And Adulthood?

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Why do we become happy, sad, mad, or upset? Why are some days good while others are bad? We smile, cry, laugh, frown and this is a continuous cycle throughout life. Individuals describe depression as a state of sadness and confusion that humans face, but in reality depression impacts much more than one’s mood or behavior. I strongly believe depression is a mental health disorder, one in which people of society need to take more serious. I have been struggling with depression for quite a few years, as well as, witnessing close family members and friends who also face the daily challenges depression brings alone. It is hard to read the news headlines, of the traumatic stories of suicide. These individuals cannot handle the overwhelming problems and stress life. Often, they have no one to explain how valuable life is, ways to help them through difficult situations, or most importantly, getting individuals professional counseling. In most cases it is not that others do not want to help those in need, but that they are unaware of what actions to take in order to provide that help. I plan to become a counselor, so I can be educated on the different emotional, physical, and social problems individuals deal with. The questions I propose are valuable for me to research, so I can inform society the importance of understanding depression. What are the different types of depression? How can depression affect an individual's appetite, sleep pattern, and health conditions? When is therapy counseling and medication needed for treating depression? What are the main experiences individuals face that trigger depression? How are ages affected by depression? What are coping skills for depression? I believe the information I gain from these sources will allow me to explain evidence and advice about this common disorder.
I researched the cause and effects of depression during a three-week process in late March and early April of 2014. From the Nicholls Library I found two journal articles with research and information charts that explained the prevention and management of depression. There are three sources from the Internet that are valuable and fully answer my research questions. How Stuff Works published an article that states the different forms of depression. An article from Help Guide, a trusted non-profit resource, explains the importance of depression treatment options, medication, and therapy. My final source is an article from University of Michigan Depression Center that explains depression across an individual’s lifespan. I spent a sufficient amount of time researching these sources to comprehend the importance my topic on depression. The article published by Burrow is significantly valuable because it explains the types of depression and the symptoms that are associated with it. Doom describes the connection between depression and the health effects, with an experiment of college students.
How Stuff Works published the article “Understanding depression”...

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