What Aspects Of Change Are Discussed In The Texts You Have Studied This Year?

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Change is inevitable, indiscriminative and continual, it can be physical, emotional and psychological. Change is often unsettling, challenging and unpredictable. It involves taking chances. Change is seen differently in the eyes of varying people, perspectives change as we interpret things differently. The end result of change is not always what we want it to be as the consequences can be both positive and negative. Opportunities to choose change come in various forms, depth and at any time, it occurs whether we want it or not. However, it is the decision that we make and how we respond to change that defines our individuality in this forever-changing environment that we live in. This concept of change is expressed in Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby", cartoonist Michael Leunig's "Getting done to", the poem "The Door" by Miroslav Holub and the...Scott Fitzgerald's novel, "The Great Gatsby" displays that change is often uncontrollable and the change in the American societal morals in the 1920s. Through the entire story, Gatsby resisted change by hiding inside an illusion he had built for himself. Although Gatsby's great dream was never fulfilled, he remained hopeful that everything would go his way. Being and over-sentimental person, Gatsby insisted that he can "repeat the past" and win back Daisy's love.Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby highlights the pursuit of Gatsby to reach his foremost aspiration, Daisy and by doing so he takes the beginning steps to prompt the change. He first meets Daisy and instantly falls in love with her. He is forced to leave her and loses her to Tom because "rich boys don't marry poor boys". This is the commencement act to the reshaping of Gatsby's life. He revolutionises his dreams, symbolised by the green light, to acquire Daisy and so he works tirelessly to earn money illegally and win Daisy back. Change is shown as being uncontrollable as Gatsby is a rational man who was self disciplined but his love for Daisy has made him disillusioned with money and as a result has earned his money illegally. Similarly, in the poem "The Door", the outcome of change is unpredictable as the repetition of the word "maybe" and "or" evoke a level of uncertainty: "Maybe a dog's rummaging. Maybe you'll see a face, or an eye or the picture." Leunig's cartoon "Getting done to" also demonstrates this as the young son accumulates the twenty four different ways he sees the future can do to him.: "persuaded...traded off".In addition, change is presented as the reforms in the society's morals in the 1920s. Symbolism is used to show the loss of the old conservative values, which were upheld before the 1920s. The green light situated at Daisy's dock represents Gatsby's hopes and dreams for the future: "He stretched his arms toward the dark water in a curious way...and distinguished nothing except a single green light." The change is brought about by the financial boom where stock prices rose unsuspectingly. The wealth was the means of...

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