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"What Skills Does A Manager Need" This Essay Gives A General Overview Of The Different Skills Managers Require At The Different Levels Of Management

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Essay Topic: 'What skills does a manger need?'A managers job is complex and multidimensional, certain skills are required in order to effectively run an organisation. As used here management is the process of coordinating work activities so that they are completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people (Robbins, S., Bergman, R, Stagg, J. & Coulter, M. 2006). A manager is someone who works with and through other people by coordinating their work activities in order to accomplish organisational goals (Bergman et al., 2006). Essentially the main functions of a manager include planning, organising, leading and controlling, as researched by Henri Fayol, and in order to effectively complete these functions certain skills are required along with a division of duties among employees. There are three levels of management beginning at first-line managers, middle managers and top managers, each have varying roles within an organization and each require diverse skills to handle the range of responsibilities that come with their role. Theorist Robert L Katz defined a skill as 'an ability which can be developed, not necessarily inborn, and which is manifested in performance, not merely in potential, thus the principal criteria of skillfulness is effective action under varying conditions. (Katz, R 1974) Katz proposed that managers require three essential skills or competencies including; technical, human and conceptual skills (Bergman et al., 2006, p 14) which are further divided among the different levels of managerial authority.In addition to the research carried out, an interview was conducted with Mr. Mark Storey, a National manager of Myer Pty Ltd. He describes his gradual rise up the ranks of Myers from a first line manger, then onto a store manager position and now settling in as a top national manger making nation wide impacting decisions. Furthermore he details the change of duties and skills he has experienced first hand from when he first began in 1996 and was at the lower end of the hierarchy, to 2007 where he is now at the higher end of the hierarchy.A technical skill is the understanding of and proficiency in the performance of specific tasks, in particular skills involving methods, specialised techniques and equipment involved in specific functions, e.g. manufacturing and engineering. Technical skills also include specialised knowledge, analytical ability and the competent use of tools and techniques to solve problems (Samson, D., Daft, L., R 2003). An example of a technical skill would be the role of an accounts payable manager who must be proficient in accounting rules and be familiar with relevant forms so that they can resolve problems and answer applicable questions which would be posed to them by clients. (Bergman et al., 2006) Mr. Storey recalls his experiences as a team leader, explaining it as a far more "hands on" approach, some of the roles included general customer service, as well as managing subordinates and...

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