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What Company Needs Today? Essay

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What company needs today?Many organizations tend to flatten the management pyramid in order to increase competition ability and improve communication, which can improve decision-making time efficiently. The main idea of "flattening the management pyramid" is eliminating the unnecessary levels of pyramid. As the result, the primary impact is on middle level managers. They become the only channel between their employers and employees. They are taking on more responsibility, and supervising larger number of lower level employees. Simply, their jobs become more complex and difficult. "The fundamental problem for the remaining workers who did not lose their jobs was that they had to do the same amount of work that was previously expected of the larger work force. Thus, for the survivors of downsizing, work intensified" (Considine). For middle managers, the amount of work is increasing as expected, and the pressure is also increasing consequently. "How can middle managers survive?" is the most important task for current organizations. For remaining workers, they need to learn more skills than before, and they have to spend more time with their subordinates and supervisor. They have to create a clear and efficient communication channel for decision makers and operators. They are facing more challenge and work force than before. "In today's flattened and intensively competitive organizations, the competencies required for success at senior levels demand individuals who can shape and articulate vision and mission; build business relationships and partnerships; serve as effective change agents; develop and articulate new business strategies--and guide their execution; grasp technology; seize marketing and entrepreneurial opportunities; and deal with persons and issues throughout the world. "(Byham). The middle managers are in challenge nowadays. However, most firms implement the flatter structure by cutting off unnecessary bureaucratic management levels. Instead of unnecessary level, firms would hire the highly trained and skilled workers no matter what age, race, gender, or visible disabilities. On the other words, there is more available position for outsiders. The remaining managers need to learn more skills and sharp their ability for new challenge after flattening the management pyramid.ETC.Flattening the management pyramid is not only gives organizations more competition ability, but also increases casual job position. As the theory of flattening structure, organizations would reduce bureaucratic management and focus on customer service. They would need lower-level workers more than high-level managers. "All of these factors are of course intrinsically linked. The collapse of the full-time labour market has coincided with the rise of casualisation. In some respects, casual jobs have opened up the labour market for women in a way that had never been available before. It is in the service and information industries where casuals, contractors, and women...

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