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What Can Be Done To Change The Negative Reputation Of Skateboarders?

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I have read and heard different stories about how skateboarding started, some say 1940's, 50's, 60's and even 70's, but the book that I trust the most says that skateboarding started out in the early 1900's. But they were nothing like the skateboards you will see today. The skateboarders would take the bottoms of roller-skates and connect them to the bottom of a 2x4. They would then attach milk crates to the top of the 2x4 for the purpose of a kind of handle. The wheels back then were steel so you can imagine the vibrations of going down hills.(The Concrete Wave: The History Of Skateboarding)This style of skateboards stayed around for a while until the late 50's when trucks were invented. And by the late 50's clay wheel were introduced increasing the popularity of the skateboard in the surfer community. The surfers called it sidewalk surfing. It was something for them to do when they were not on the ocean.When the 60's came around, surf magazines started to endorse the skateboard launching the popularity. The First skateboarding contest was held at a middle school in 1963. I find this a bit interesting because they held the competition at a middle school. Because where skateboarding is today, it is a crime to set foot on any school's property, in my case the janitors yell at me, and then they get the principal out to call the police. I also find it interesting how back in the 60's and what not they could skateboard anywhere, yet there were not that many skateboarders. But now when there are so much more people skateboarding they confine us to skateparks which are few and far between, plus some cost money, and you can still get arrested at parks for not wearing helmets and what not. By the mid 1960's Skateboarders took a huge step in the sport and moved into empty pools, carving around. Also in the 60's skateboarding was starting to get there own movies, and magazines. Over 50 million skateboards were sold in the early and mid 60's.Due to the overwhelming product production and inferior products and the concerns of reckless skating, skateboarding as a sport crashed in 65-66. Skateboarding tried to make a comeback making better products; they made clay wheels which turned out to stick to the road, causing several fatal accidents. In turn, skateboarding was banned in almost all cities. I can understand why they tried to ban skateboarding if they were doing it to protect people and themselves from being sued. But the key word is "try", because no matter where you go there skateboarders are, and know matter how hard people try to get rid of skateboarders we will always come back. As the crash continued in 1970, a surfer by the name of Frank Nasworthy went to a plastic factory in Virginia where they made urethane wheels for roller-sports. He bought some of the wheels which are odd shaped, he tried to put them on his hobby skateboard and to his surprise they fit. By '73, Nasworthy started a wheels company which spread around the country bringing an...

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