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What Can Be Learned From The Study Of The Prehistoric Era?

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The study of the prehistoric era has resulted in many findings, which has opened the door for many sciences. There have been great strides made in the exploration of prehistoric humans, in that modern day society has gained insight into the past. This should not be judged as having been an easy feat. Earlier researchers would have had us believe that prehistoric intelligence was not possible among “savages.” However, humankind’s natural instinct is to pursue knowledge and move forward. All the advances made throughout history testify to that. How could it be that intelligence was not a factor in the ability of prehistoric humans to sustain life as they knew it? The unearthing of bones, stone tools and fossils provides the evidence of early man’s existence. The evidence gathered led to the knowledge that prehistoric people were able to sustain life by creating their environment to meet their needs. This assumption is made “because of their uniquely human ability to gain and apply an immense body of knowledge of nature.” The authentication of scientific advances made in prehistoric times is based on a combination of conjecture and logic due to no written documentation. Scientists such as anthropologists study modern day foragers and collect specifics on their culture to consider it as a model of how earlier humankind survived.
During the Stone Age, man like species dwelled the earth for over tens of thousands of years as hunters and gatherers exploiting their surroundings. Their mere existence involved the participation of male and female, which hunting considered to be the male role and gathering the female role. In an essay written by Karl Marx, Why are Women Oppressed, he states “the earliest societies are usually referred to as hunter-gatherer societies. Their name expresses the division of labor which was a feature of these societies where women would gather plant food and men hunted. This was an extremely successful partnership as the ability of humans to exist on such a varied diet allowed them to colonize almost every area of the planet.”
Acquiring the skills for hunting and gathering required systematic techniques and would equate to similar styles of biologists, zoologist and botanists who would study animals and plants. It was essential for the men to learn the behaviors of wild animals because they had to learn how to track them by clues left in the environment, i.e. foot prints, bodily fluids, and distinctive smells. Plants and berries gathered by the women for consumption or medicine were mainly derived from trial and error,. Women having knowledge of their environment played an incalculable part in the survival of their society. The trial and error method consisted of an experimentation that most times would allow no room for error because of the toxins within them.
The prehistoric man and men in general have always been seen as making the most contributions to the origin of society’s lineage. ...

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