What Is Your Own Understanding Of Freedom? Do You Believe Freedom Is An Individual Or Communal Ideal? What Is True Freedom?

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Freedom has been discussed and debated for a while now and no one can completely agree that it exists. Does it really exist? Can one do what they feel because they have the want to? And how far does freedom exist without restraints, if it does exist?Freedom for Mills speaks of the rights of an individual. Mills concept is focused more on individual liberty and not as much as community-based as King Jr. For Mills, freedom is personal liberty meaning that it is freedom of the self. He believes that this can be as long as one chooses without violating the rights of others. When it comes to Martin Luther King Jr. he focused more on the community, the community of African Americans. He preached about equality among "whites and blacks" and for freedom of the blacks from mental and physical slavery. These two men have shown us an example of both communal and individual freedom.For the average thinker, freedom is more of an individual ideal. One must be free with oneself before they start to lead a congregation towards freedom. Martin Luther King was free in his own self. While he preached of communal freedom, it was the result of individual freedom. He took what was not supposed to be his and broke many laws because he believed he was free. He knew that his crusade for overall freedom would be easier with supporters and fellow "freedom-fighters". King knew that communal freedom could be achieved through individual freedom. When each individual is free then his or her community is free and so on.True freedom on the other hand does not exist. This is the kind of freedom whereby one may do whatsoever he/she wants to do. It does make sense that it doesn't exist because then the world would be more chaotic than now. True freedom should be that as the age of eighteen (18), when one is allegedly an adult, one's actions...

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1090 words - 4 pages to go: one can get in a car and drive until they wish to stop, hop on a train or bus to visit a friend, fly to another country to view history. There is also Physical freedom that some don't have. A person in the United States cannot just hop on a plane and fly into North Korea.The second type is True freedom which is to be free from all habits, good and bad, doing what you believe you should do to be good, not just acting from an automatic


644 words - 3 pages "practice" any relition you want as long as you don't step on someone else's toes and violate their religion.Is any of this real freedom?I personally think not.So, what is freedom?Nobody ever knows. On one level it is not being under someone else's control. On another it's the ability to make your own decisions. So is anyone completely free of any outside opinions? Somewhere on an island in the middle and Pacific Ocan there is someone who has never seen television, a magazine, or heard a radio, and has true opinions of their own, and they are truly free.


645 words - 3 pages When you first hear the word "freedom", what sort of things will you think of? Most probably, people will think of democracy, liberty, laws, etc. However, I do not think those things have any relationship with freedom. When we talk about freedom, there is no meaning to the word. It is just a single word which you can say anything you want about it. As a result, I would like to talk about the level of freedom, instead of just freedom. The level

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718 words - 3 pages wealthy have the opportunity to enjoy benefits such as having access to better education and health benefits.True freedom on earth is perhaps just a myth; something that someone wants or dreams to have but is non-existent. Freedom is a very broad word that has no clear definition. Freedom could mean something different for each individual person. The kind of freedom that is on earth tends to be an exasperated version in which it is very unclear. The truth is you will not know what freedom is until you have experienced it yourself.

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