What Can We Do To Clean The Air?

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Air pollution has become the most challenging and demanding problem for China to solve at the present time. Last year, a Chinese news organization reported a 30 percent increase in levels of two major air pollutants in Beijing in 2013 compared to levels in the same period in 2012 (Wong "Air Pollution Linked ", Par. 8 and 9). In 2010, the air pollution caused 1.2 million premature deaths (Wong "Air Pollution Linked ", Par. 8 and 9). It is not unusual now for schools to cancel outdoor activities to protect children from the harm of the air pollution, and many foreign employees have left China to escape from the smog (Wong "In China, Breathing ” Par. 5). In recent years, the rapid industrial ...view middle of the document...

", Par.2, 3 and 4).
In 2013 Chinese government has taken a series of measures, which reflect their decision to slow down the industrial growth to protect the environment. The government has established $280 billion budget for controlling the air pollution and plans to spend the money on reducing the usage of coal. As the result, the air pollutants are predicted to reduce by 25 percent before 2017. To achieve this goal, Hebei province is going to cut down 10 percent of its steel production by 2017 (Denyer, Par. 14 and 16).
Also, for the long-term pollution reduction plan, China is going to do shut down the inefficient old factories, use the strict management to control air emissions and improve the energy usage effectiveness, and finally driven the factories into clean and green plants, changed the energy structure to low energy and low pollution consumption (Nielsen and Mun, Par.12). “Shift the companies from energy-intensive manufacturing toward an increase in the high-tech and service industries.” ("The Economics of China’s ”, Par. 9).
There are more things that China could do. First, the country should have a stringent fuel emission standard for the oil companies. High-quality fuel is more efficiently and more cleanly. It will help the factories to replace cleaner emission, especially for the high-energy heavy industry which needs a large amount of fuel to produce goods. Nowadays the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) but not the oil companies control the price of the gas. “Without the ability to pass the cost of refining higher-quality fuel to customers, the state-owned enterprises have no incentive to improve their fuel.” China could imitate America and European countries to allow the state-owned enterprises setting the price of gas themselves to encourage the companies to make high quality gas ("The...

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